Why We Need To Stop Saying “You’re Skinny, Eat More”

824f31c001b511f6a7f9e4a353a92be4I cannot tell you how many times I have been told this, and how completely opposite to a compliment it feels. It does hurt me how much emphasis we put based on weight, rather than health. It proves how visual and judgmental our society is based on appearance. You may of heard the typical “Go eat a burger” or “Put more on your plate” I know I sure have. The hurtful part is, inside you are thinking, well, I do eat, I exercise, I drink water, just like the person beside me. My body is different, just like yours. The issue is the way we worship having a slim figure, because that’s simply what the media tells us. Yet, many of us are still slow to realise that 98% of the media is distorted, highly edited, shows only a portion (not the full picture) or is plainly untrue.

Bodies are what keep us alive. The problem as a generation, is that we say words that can make people think more than once or twice, hey, is that really true? But, most of the time, if it’s simply media, it’s not genuine. Imagine this, 7 Billion people on earth who are all thin, lean and under 50 kg’s. It would be the equivalent to the over weight people in WALL-E (ah such a good film) who all appear the same. Self worth. We’ve all heard of that word. We live in a society, that says if you look good, you will be treated better. How terribly sad. Why don’t we create movements of change? Yet, comparing on Instagram and Facebook is unrealistic. It’s a completely different world there.

Telling some one “You’re skinny, you need to eat more” is like telling a bigger person “You’re fat, you need to eat less”, and there you are, both are equally offensive. Of course, if a loved one said the words to me out of care, I would understand. However, most of the time it’s out of negativity. I put a lot of emphasis on health, because being healthy means living a longer life. Life is too precious. If you want to lose weight, by all means lose it. If you want to gain weight, then by all means do it. When people tell you “you’re too skinny”, the first words that usually appear in my head are “I have a fast metabolism and I eat healthy” The thing I find hard is when others offer me food, there should be no pressure to eat it. When I say ‘No, thanks’ it doesn’t instantly mean I am on a diet.

If you are having  a meatless week, it doesn’t mean you’re trying to lose weight. There are endless reasons for what we eat, how we exercise and our everyday lifestyle. I really pray for a day that there will be no more magnifying glasses on every persons individual weight.

Image via wolfcubchronicles.com

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