5 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2015

17148c5282f4061815457e5d50a12344I’m not entirely sure where to begin. Don’t you just love these fluffy clouds that look like marshmallows? Hmm.. This is more like a diary entry, where I just want to write what’s on my mind, without editing too much. Honestly, 2015 has been one of the best years in my life so far. There are many reasons as to why. One might be surprised, considering reaching the lowest of lows this year, but also reaching some of the highest of highs for the first time. Most of these are second nature, however it wasn’t until this year that they’ve fully ingrained into my head. Without further ado, here are a few of the lessons that I have learned this year (because, well, there are just far too many to list them all!)

1. It’s okay to just be. We often have to remind ourselves, that it is okay to just be. Be quiet, be calm, be happy, be still and just soak in this moment. Life moves far too fast, and everything is about go-go-go in our fast train track society. It’s wonderful to have dreams and set goals for the future. It’s also just as important to stay present in the moment and realise the magical presence of your being.

2. Living life simply brings so much joy. I remember on one night in 2013, a friend told me that living life simply can bring happiness and content. How true is that. I spent the last two years of University feeling as if life was terribly complicated. The truth is it all comes down to how we perceive it and how we think about it. Most situations are far more simple and straightforward than the twisting roller coaster path of worry we think up.

3. Having gratitude everyday makes one worry less. In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland he writes, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Which is genious, because well, anything is possible. This creates this feeling that you can do anything, be anything and achieve anything. Which is how we should always feel. Imagination is certainly one thing I’m so grateful for. Keeping a journal of everything you are grateful about at the end of the day can also make a weight on your shoulder lift.

4. Family are the most important people in the world. This is a no brainer. But (ironically when I just talked about simplicity) it can be complicated in terms of the fact that there are 7 billion people in the world, and every family is so wonderfully and crazily different. However, family are the ones we can never truly separate from. They are not like friends that can pass by. They will always be you Mum, Dad, Sister, Auntie and so forth. As I grow older, I truly appreciate far more what my parents did/do for me and my Sister.

5. Never lose faith in God. Never lose faith in general! (for those who don’t believe in God) It’s so so important to have belief, hope and a sense of confidence in others and yourself. You can do it. There is always a way. Faith takes over all worries, and leaves them on the floor. Faith takes over the heart and gives a sense of purpose, certainty and trust. When we have strong belief in God and ourselves, all the negative energy melts and an overwhelming feeling of positive energy takes over. Have faith that you can reach your dreams!

I could probably go on. The lessons where you realise we can’t be best friends with everyone (eg. can’t please everyone), we are all incredibly different, eating healthy and drinking is so important (your body should be your number one priority), change is inevitable and all the lessons we will all learn with more intensity over the course of our lives.

7 thoughts on “5 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2015

  1. Hi Katie, can’t believe it’s towards to the end of 2015 already!!! I remember that I was trying to get used to writing 2015 not so long ago!! Time truly flies… I so enjoy reading about your thoughts and what you’ve learnt from 2015, as for me, it’s one of the most complicated years I’ve experienced so far… Many ups and many downs and lots of challenges in between…
    I wish you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with family and loved ones!
    Love & hugs,

    Viv x x

    1. Hello Viv,

      Same here! Time really does fly :) I am so happy to have met you over blogging and fashion! Thank you I am really glad to hear that. I can really relate to that, and I suppose every year will have new adventures, new ups and downs and things to learn! Thank you so much. Have a lovely Christmas holiday with your family and friends too. I look forward to seeing what other fabulous blog posts you have!



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