It Is Always the Little Things

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. It might be walking on a bridge and seeing the goldfish swim by. It might be the little lady bird you discover on your bed. And it might just be from your own imagination, creating stars in the sky and joining them together. There is much to be grateful for, when we so often forget. The one thing I always believe in, is that everything happens for a reason. It is a hard thing to believe in, because good and bad things always happen. However, I believe that the smallest details in our lives, can often be the experiences and moments that give us the deepest joys.

When the sun comes out early in the morning, when you breathe the fresh air after it rains and the feeling of lying inside the warm bed in the midst of a thunder storm. When we live and enjoy the little things, we realise how those special small moments, become the simple moments that will always hold a joyful place in our hearts. Remember to walk on the Earth, as a person who seeks to give rather than take, who lives for themselves and not for others and to always love even when there is hate. We may all come from different walks of life, but we all breathe the same air, soak up theΒ sun above and live under the sky together.

6 thoughts on “It Is Always the Little Things

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    What a gorgeous post from Katie Kuo! Many people look for the supposedly big things to be happy and by so doing overlook the small, little and tiny moments of happiness. Hope you’d enjoy this.

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