My Thoughts on Embracing Your Personal Style

890e480899afc7b881148c75ee7b38b7Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

I for one, am always intrigued by the different fashion trends that come and go, and return throughout the years. There are the trends that one might love and purchase the product immediately, and the other ones that you simply can’t imagine how it became a trend. Fashion is part of a global language filled with self expression, cultural background and instant communication, with a long history. You may recognize that many people wear clothes to express themselves (eg. how they are feeling that day), many people wear clothes to show what they want to reflect or become and some wear what is currently in fashion. Have you ever noticed, how someone effortlessly holds themselves in what they wear, the way they look comfortable and at ease. Or have you ever noticed someone wearing something they didn’t suit and gives the impression that they are wearing clothes for other’s rather than for themselves?

Personal style is such an important part of the way we present ourselves visually. It is an instant language we speak, to disguise within or to express ourselves. I believe that it is an important reminder to let oneself know not to follow the crowd. It is easy to with current trends, popular culture and fashion magazines pointing out what to wear and what not to wear. I am a believer that what we wear creates a strong first impression on the people we meet and it also affects how we feel about ourselves. With all the vital ingredients of feeling true to yourself from within first and foremost, we must integrate a sense of self and individuality rather than conformity. Wear what you love, instead of wearing what is based on societal perception of what is cool. Style is about embracing what you feel most yourself in. In Shakespeare’s words All the world’s a stage. We all play our own characters.

Remember, we are all different. Just as music, art, dance and other creative arts are a form of self expression, rather than replicating and imitating someone else, remember to stay authentic and express your own special kind of kaleidoscope.

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