The Key to Paradise

4d9c485b70e858a6db9b09149781dc91A beautiful friend of mine sent me a post card with an image of the Pantheon. It’s glowing light into the building and has perfectly proportioned architecture. It’s incredible, that I felt like it couldn’t be real.  The simple reminders in our life that there is so much beauty in this world. There was a little poem inside the post card, that I found really inspiring, and I hope it inspires you too.

The key to Paradise

Find the time to think.

Find the time to pray.

Find the time to laugh.

This is the fount of power.

This is the greatest power on earth.

This is music for the soul.

Find the time to play.

Find the time to love and be loved.

Find the time to give.

This is the secret of eternal youth.

This is the privilege given by God.

The day is too short to be selfish.

Find the time to read.

Find the time to be a friend.

Find the time to work.

This is the fount of wisdom.

And the road to happiness .

And the price of success.

Find the time to be charitable.

This is the key to Paradise.

Madre Teresa of Calcutta

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