Taiwanese Beauty Bloggers Hair Tutorials / 台灣美妝部落客

oI remember when I was younger, I loved doing everyone’s hair in the house. It was part of my night time routine, and one day my Auntie gave me a book on different hair styles. That was my first introduction to french braids, different ponytails and beautiful curly hair. At the time I didn’t have a curler, and so I would use french braids or sleep on a twisted bun (which is the least damaging way to curl you hair). You may understand the struggle, if you have long hair with a thick texture. It’s a lot harder to curl the hair, and make sure that it will maintain well throughout the day. Simply because of the weight it is more prone to falling out and becoming straight. Especially depending on the weather (if it rains or becomes extremely windy), the hair can be affected immediately. However, I really love the look of soft romantic curls and small waves that look very natural and subtle.

newapplearial’s channel

1239831_656850564339258_1894871132_nArial is a beauty youtuber, who is also known for her earlier video Makeup For Break Up. I like the gentle romantic look with simple waves, because that way it’s wearable with everyday casual wear and gives a more easy going look. As she mentioned, she prefers not having it overly curly. Arial also mentions not to leave the curler in for an excessive amount of time, as to avoid damaging the hair from overheating. Using an angle that you prefer will also shape the curls and curtain your face in or out depending on the curls. She suggests brushing your fringe, and leaving the curler in for a very short amount of time, allow it to dry then place it back with your hair. Placing mousse will also allow the hair to stay in shape and volume, whilst scrunching the hair, especially near the ends to keep the curls in place.

Dolly CL

12088467_739008359560128_7008562671228090561_n守屋幸慈 is a 23 year old Taiwanese Japanese youtuber based in Taipei. She uses quite a big curler (28 mm), which is perfect for very long and thicker hair. She also describes how she parts her fringe to the side, from naturally pushing it towards the side By parting the hair into two sides, she says that the hair you want to curl should be at the back, and the hair you don’t want to curl yet, should be placed at the front. The second step, is to pull a small strand from the back hair to curl and brush it smoothly to make sure there are no tangles. There are two ways to curl, inside or outside. From the middle top, use the curler to curl for several seconds and pull out in a straight gentle motion. The last step, is to use your hands to gently loosen the curls towards the front for a natural look. She prefers not to use spray, to avoid the hair drying up and becoming hard.


1423401257-298904978_n吳斐莉 (also known as Natalie) is a Model, Youtuber, Blogger and writes about different beauty products. She has washed hair at the beginning, and uses the hair products with hair oil, then dries the hair. The hair should be twisted around the curler with your hands to get a more defined curl, to allow it to stay in place and become more natural after it loosens throughout the day. Natalie says to grab smaller strands, as to avoid waiting for too long when curling. Repeat the same for the fringe. Through using the hair oil it allows the hair to glow, and can shorten the length of time when curling. The curls can also create the illusion of more hair.

2 thoughts on “Taiwanese Beauty Bloggers Hair Tutorials / 台灣美妝部落客

  1. Thanks for this post! I’ve always had trouble looking for beauty bloggers with the same kind of hair (God knows my hair won’t even hold a braid so forget all those intricate braid tutorials from blond beauty bloggers), and now I know a few!

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