Dealing With Panic Attacks & Anxiety

4ad591f799ebffc4b410579f1f1acb44I hope this really relates to someone out there. By no means is this article supposed to make anyone feel uncomfortable, and I think for anyone who wants a better understanding of panic attacks, I hope this gives a little insight. I want to write about this, because for the first time in public I had a panic attack, when it usually only happens at home. This is a topic that does need to be addressed, as it’s very often kept private and quiet. I’m addressing this, because it’s natural for people to think the person is overacting and acting like a mad hatter. However, this is not at all the case. In fact, the person feels that everything is crashing down on them. And to put it most truly. They feel like they are going to die.

Unfortunately, and understandably there are many people who do not have a full understanding of what a panic attack is. It has the same reaction towards topics, such as depression and anxiety. Many people don’t realise that this is a mental illness, whether they like it or not. Many people will joke about it with me, but it is rare to meet many people who have a heart felt understanding of it. A little background about me, is that I have suffered panic attacks since I was a teenager. I have had depression since 2009, and have had suicidal thoughts come and go through out my life. It’s something that I need to accept on a daily basis, but it also motivates me to stay positive as much as possible. Some days are harder than others. However, having faith and hope is something that will keep you alive – believe me.

Below is a video I’ve linked, because everything she mentions, is something I completely relate to. Many symptoms (from my personal account) may include a feeling of pins and needles throughout your whole body, feeling choked up and extreme difficulty in breathing, hyperventilation, a dizzy and nauseous feeling around you, uncontrollable shaking, constant crying and a feeling of unrealness. You literally feel as if you will die. The words that one should try not to tell someone who is having a panic attack are: Calm down, don’t worry, you’re over reacting, stop it, there’s nothing to worry about. Sometimes it’s truly more than this. There may not be a deliberate reason or they may be a distinct reason to the attack. The feeling of fear consumes the body and there feels as if there is no escape.

I can’t stress how important it is to talk about it with someone, even if it is just one person you trust. It can really build up, if you hold it in. As a person who has suffered anxiety for as long as I can remember, I understand that feeling of feeling completely distressed, lonely and upset. I understand the feeling of internal isolation, high sensitivity and the feeling of living with anxiety. It’s true, that it is something that does not go away, but one can learn to control it. Remember that we are given opportunities everyday. We have choices that need to be made everyday. But, we are the author of our own book. The first thing to have is to accept – have acceptance and acknowledge that you feel this way. The second thing is to love yourself. Treasure your body, it’s keeping you alive. The third thing is to talk to someone about it. Whether this is a doctor, a family member, friend, teacher or parent.

In the spear of the moment, you will feel like a crazy and insane person. It’s important to remind yourself always, that you are not alone. And most importantly, you are not weak. This happens to many people, and even the ones we may think least of having one. I completely understand that not everyone understands or may ever understand what Panic Attacks and Anxiety are truly like. However, having an open mind that some people will experience it is important. Being in peace, nature or holding a cat for that matter, are just some of the ways that may help keep one calm. Having a long dreamless or dreamland nap, lying in the warm sun, listening to calming music or drinking a hot chocolate. Everyone is different. That’s something so important to remind ourselves and to remember. Everyone feels differently, have different experiences and understand things in different ways.

Please check out Zoellas blog and vlog on Panic Attacks.

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