The Kingdom of Daydreaming

3261c6d6c09fc493f9074548d735aaf8Did you ever grow up with that inkling feeling that often people don’t understand you? The reason that I am passionate about writing, is because it’s this magical world where I can express myself, with my mind flowing and running without the limitation of speaking. It’s the place where I can write what I understand from my mind to my fingertips. Unfortunately, the habit of daydreaming has its pros and cons, as does most things. It often fully throws me away from the very moment, present and time. The one thing that needs to be understood, is that many times, a daydreamer is also trying to listen intently, create new ideas, process a sentence and interpret your words with meaning.

Are you the sort of person that is asked constantly “Are you okay? or “What’s wrong” because the person feels you are too quiet. It’s funny how much society associates quiet with something bad, and associates loud with good. Yet, the one thing I admire is being able to have a conversation with a person and be fully comfortable in deep silence. Being a thinker, can often mean the person may be an idealist, star gazer, have high emotional intelligence and is highly observant and sensitive. To be a daydreamer, allows the mind to wander and explore. It allows you to think of new ideas and stories that haven’t yet been discovered. There can be a strain, when talking to people who don’t understand daydreamers.

We will always need doctors, scientists, engineers, mechanics, teachers and we will always need writers, artists, musicians, philosophers and other creators. It’s important to have time to yourself, otherwise a person will start to live in other people’s lives, rather than their own. As a daydreaming idealist, it is harder to make friends because we only open on the rich and in depth parts of our lives to very limited people. It’s understandable that people are quick and instantaneous to say that daydreamers are shy, reserved and quiet. However, it’s not really the case, because very most of the time  a person is not actually shy, until they feel they can trust a person. The one thing that as a day dreamer, one can hold in a lot of thoughts, words and actions that are directed at them. It can be emotionally straining. Daydreamers do not like conflict and would rather hold long, deep, meaningful conversations, rather than small talk and strenuous, superfluous conversations.

Many daydreamers tend to be artists, mathematicians, scientists and philosophers. It seems to be tasks and activities that require a lot of concentration and focus. We live in an extremely fast and loud society, where everything comes instantly, especially with the development of technology. However, great ideas come from very gradual growth and a great deal of time and thought. We need kingdom of daydreamers to create a wonderful future ahead. To create new inventions and creations that haven’t been seen yet. It’s true, the words of an article linked below: And when we come up for air, we want to share our dreams with the world. But instead of listening, society bombards us with the message that we need to change.  It tears us from our thoughts, and drowns out our dreams with the sound of popular opinion.

Unfortunately, popular opinion is very often the one that wins out. It gets praise, recognition and more popularity. However, in the place of our minds, there is an endless universe of imagination that knows no boundaries. That is where the kingdom of  ideas, knowledge, creations and unlimited dreams are. Everything we do is from whatever we think, first and foremost. Our minds are powerful tools, and therefore, the way we think will shape the person we are. An idealist, was Martin Luther King Jr. and it’s no doubt that everything we can and will accomplish, starts off with having a dream.

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3 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Daydreaming

  1. “Unfortunately, popular opinion is very often the one that wins out.” I’ve lived this, but I persevere in the knowledge that thinkers and idealists can change the way people look at things. This ability to impose ideas in a thoughtful way has immense value. Education and social skills are a great way for new ideas to be transmitted. This was a wonderful and thought provoking commentary. Thank you for sharing your ideas. They are more than encouraging. x

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