The Perception of True Beauty in a digital world

tumblr_mp97f2iYn61s2flalo1_1280As one can imagine, our generation is undoubtedly the technological era of the internet, growing inventions and new products. Did you ever watch Disney films or any classic animation when you were a child, and felt that it was truly real? Interestingly enough, much of our perceptions of reality comes from our own actions and thought process. What we dream about (hence the song a dream is a wish your heart makes) can no less happen in our reality. One of my biggest fear, is that in the future we will literally be completely reliant and consumed in technology. Unfortunately, we already are in so many ways which can come with its advantages and disadvantages.

We have all heard the words “be realistic”, which is fair enough, in wildly out there thoughts that can harm the person. Technology has created an increase in the emphasis we place upon self image and the way things ‘look’. In some senses this has distorted our perception of true beauty.The truth is, we are all a mystery. It’s important to not be normal, because it only lives up to others expectations, and not our own. After watching both of the Cinderella films (1950 & 2015), the lessons that remains in my head are ones such as kindness is always free, courage will get you through and that everything happens for a reason (never give up on your dreams).

With the evolution of Social Media, our perception of beauty has become more surface leveled than ever before. Although, it is encouraging to see the inspiring quotes on Instagram, it can be somewhat shallow to see the similar postings that put too much emphasis on our skin, rather than our intellect, ideas and inspirations. Similar to my article on how we live in a shallow world, I feel inspired to talk about the topic of our perception of beauty as a society. Sadly, there is not as much emphasis on true beauty being from within, because of the ‘cliche’, ‘shallow’ and ‘negative’ sentences that may be heard after one says, beauty is from within. However, I still want to share the truth, that beauty is from inside – it really is. Having kindness, love and care towards others and ourselves, is the most selfless beauty that there is.

We will always be told how to be and how not to be. But, at the end of the day, we need to live the way that we want to be. The true beautiful things we can see in the world, are very often felt. It’s that feeling of presence and warmth that radiates beauty. It’s incredibly harmful to live by the medias perception of beauty, because it’s a constant lie that blocks out the rest of the world, by narrowing beauty into a sentence or a photo shopped image. It is an edited unreal reality, that has been retouched, reshaped and re-altered. One of the true beauties I think that shines is knowledge and wisdom, as well as the way one holds themselves. We are a generation chasing youth constantly through the inspiration of youthful celebrities that are deemed beautiful. Even so that many of them may be, we forget that they are made up to look a certain way in front of the camera. In that sense, we have already narrowed our perception of beauty if we forget the true beauty of a natural face.

We are a generation that constantly wants to become something we may not be. Whether that is trying to lose weight through extreme measures or changing the way we look because of the way society tells us to look. However, it is much more important to look at it in the sense that our healthy body is keeping us alive. We were born differently the way we are, because we all have something different to bring onto the Earth. The way we look will not make us more happier, if we do not feel happy from within. Like every living thing such as a flower, it can not grow unless it gradually stems from the ground upwards. It cannot grow unless it battles through the wind, storm and sunshine. Too much of the younger generation are looking at role models on the level of popularity and rising fame. This may be a celebrity (singer, model, actor and so forth),that if only  based on their image and the immeasurable things, then it is unrealistic and harmful.

We cannot live with constantly comparing ourselves with others on things and looks. It’s superficial. A role model can be anyone from a friendly neighbour or a teacher that believed in you. We mustn’t keep telling our friends, children and family members that they look too this or too that. There needs to be more emphasis and encouragement on personal characteristics, of being kind, considerate, caring, confident, loving and smart. Beauty is not and never will be something that we should have to attain. It is something that we have from how we act, behave, treat others and express ourselves. It is something that can grow over time, and be shown through our actions.

The simple reminder to have gratitude for the things that keep us moving, motivated to wake up in the morning and keep us alive, are simple reminders I give myself to remember what is truly important. Next time, you feel inclined to tell someone they need to eat more (as I have to confess I am told much too often) or they need to lose weight, please pause before you directly use the words thin and fat. Remember and separate whether you are telling them through the care of their health or simply because you don’t think they should be looking that way. There is a huge difference. Next time you feel the need to post the words Goals, Queen or a long the lines of these words… think about the power of words.

These words that constantly are seen on Social Media can often be shallow, and create a sense of idolization of outer beauty, rather than the persons abilities. The one who acts superior because they think they are better and beautiful than those they believe are inferior, is really, not a beautiful person. The one who is true to themselves and true to others, while doing the best to be the best of themselves, is someone who shows true beauty. It’s difficult to tell ourselves we are beautiful when we stare in the mirror, because of the way society tells us that we are not good enough (hence the billions of money spent on products each year). However, it’s an important reminder that our perception of true beauty, comes from ourselves.

People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within. -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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