Conversations On The Way We Are

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately (funnily enough), about the way we interact with every person, and how wonderfully different every individual is. A week ago, I read a surprisingly long article, that I read from start to bottom without skipping a word, which is a rarity for a speed reader like myself. It talked about how our lives are like a narrative, and the way we arrange the plot points can really shape who we are. I believe this in the sense that we are the only ones who can make the final decisions and choices for ourselves in the long run. We are responsible for the way we are, the words we speak and the actions we take.

Everyone has an unread novel in them. The one where only they have experienced from birth to the present. All the experiences, events, chapters and memories made and collected. All of our lives have a character (ourselves), where we go through different chapters of problems, highs and lows, wonderful times and difficult periods of times. It’s the whole question on Nature or Nurture. It’s a difficult question, because everyone’s background, upbringing, way of thinking and experiences are wildly different. In the words of Shakespeare “All the worlds a Stage.” Do you ever find it interesting that there are certain people you find it much more easier to talk to, and other’s that are not as easy to? Especially as a more private person, it takes me more time to truly open up to someone, until I feel that I can trust them.

Every story, even our own is told from different perceptions and told in different ways. So to speak, reality is our perception of it. Which is why, I can imagine (no pun intended) why Albert Einstein would of said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world.” I can never know how accurate these quotations are, because anyone’s words can be quoted. However, it only seems fair these are words that Einstein would believe in. As human beings, we can often be too stuck within rules and the order of things, rather than seeking creativity in the endless realm of our imagination.

After watching the film Stranger Than Fiction, it made me want to have oven cooked cookies and milk. Not only that, but it reminded me to live a life that I would of wanted to live by the time I die. It reminds us to live a life with meaning and the happiness that we deserve. It wasn’t until the main character realised (spoiler alert) he was going to die, did he pursue his want to play the guitar. We deserve to strive for our passions, in the moment, in the now. This is something I always have to remind myself, as a person that is quite hard on myself. The online platform can be a blessing and a curse. A space to express, but a place that has narrowed many ideas into one. It’s my internal reminder to all, to stay true to who you are.

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