Fashion Profile: Shu Qi

2The first film I saw Shu Qi acting was Love (a 2012 Taiwanese film), and I immediately fell in love with her. The Taiwanese actress began acting at a young age, and has modeled for various magazines. It seems strange to think that she is twenty years older than me, when she really hasn’t aged a day. Shu Qi has been the ambassador for Emporio Armani and Bvlgari. Not to mention she’s a cat lady.1baa946c066abb53a4d406d63a75db29 448fc6cd5467581ebc760eb62de16dbd 9497422a292eea4857a3970c7a1dc0f2 2ee5a2b4fe8b60279bfd42f29c05f491 689923a4c90888895037210a4c3d691bb 1b7712a04c7ee0db89cf75d08e87b6dfe

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