The Skinny Talk In Fashion

12033007_10206573649572420_2786700592232307966_n-2-e1444924693616It’s seen in the news repetitively, that a model speaks out about body image. Whether that is being told by a Modelling agency that she needs to lose one inch in order to be their ideal image, or telling her that she is not suitable because of her body shape. A recent article that sparked my interest to write about this topic that has been lurking for what seems to be years and years, is the recent Charli Howard pictured above (her personal article) speaking out about how her agency told her that she is “too big”. I found this strange, considering she is Size 6-8, which is the standard modelling size. An issue of being skinny is an issue that needs to be addressed. As women we need to talk about it together, rather than exclude others. It needs to be a culture where we encourage men and women to be healthy, rather than appearing “the thin ideal”.

The problem is that they are being told how they should have their bodies. Our bodies should be well nourished, healthy and taken care of. These are businesses that talk of the ideal look at the time. But, often this is a distorting and harmful image to aspire for that can damage health and self body image to the model and the consumers that will see the advertising. It is no surprise that many of us find many flaws within our body, where we wish certain areas could be improved. I cannot imagine the difficulties that is faced on a day to day basis on having a job that requires very much on the way you look. It can be extremely tough. People are critiquing, watching and judging constantly. Yet, these are women who need as much positive body talk as anyone else. Charli mentioned something that is extremely important to remember, and that is measurements should not, and do not define someones beauty.

People need to be able to eat what they want, exercise how they want and live a healthy lifestyle the way it should be encouraged. There is too much influence on the restriction of food that can be consumed in the fashion industry. Every single person is different, and to limit and define what is “beautiful” can be extremely harmful. Letting Men and Women embrace their bodies and realise that they are beautiful no matter what shape or size they come in should be how it is. There needs to be much more emphasis on health in the fashion industry. The problem with titles in Magazines reading words such as skinny tea, lose weight in two weeks fast or get a flat stomach with these exercises are titles that bother me. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trying to lose weight. But, the emphasis is put too much on being ‘skinny’, rather than healthy.

There is too much pressure placed on an ideal image in the fashion industry, that affects our body image in society. Clothing creates a huge part of our exterior identity, and affects the way we see ourselves. As women we need to stop putting each other down, and encourage each other, uplift each other and compliment each other. Body shape should not be a trend or fashion. We are all different with our own genetic make up and it’s only natural we all look different. It absolutely doesn’t determine our status or position in society. We need to recognise this. In the words of Dr. Seuss “You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in. ” Your body is keeping you alive, breathing and living everyday. Be grateful for it and be kind to it.

7 thoughts on “The Skinny Talk In Fashion

  1. It was painful to watch but I sat through it. Sigh, as much as I would like to say people are becoming more sensitive towards body positive notions, the word ‘fat’ will always come with a negative connotation (for most people I know at least). It’s a mindset that very few people will be able to break out of. And it is really really disheartening because for some of us (yes, I am a fat person too), it was never a choice.
    Thanks for writing such a heartfelt post Katie! I take my hat off!

    1. It must of been. I wish that there would be more emphasis and acceptance on the fact that everyone is different. Thank you for sharing your comment with me and I’m glad it spoke to you! :)

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