Monochrome Fashion and Dalmation Dogs

344981Did you ever watch 101 Dalmatians as a child, and feel absolutely terrified of Cruella De Vil? Thankfully, the dalmatians in these images are very much alive. As a person who really admires the flexibility of wearing Monochrome, I find inspiration from fashion bloggers such as the one and only Harper and Harley. Growing up in the country side, my family were close to the neighbours where their Dalmatian, Lulu would greet me. As a little girl I would run away scared and afraid, but throughout the years she was as gentle and soft as can be.0504d048d2d5f05bffaffb4f9819fa2cd67e1f50705c3f29130ab7521e0edb74a7b9319f05b7f892cfae78752b6851ffemily-didonato-clement-chabernaud-martha-hunt-karlina-caune_david-bellemere_vogue-paris-september-2013_0823E4436900000578-2867754-Black_and_white_period_Pablo_Picasso_loved_dogs_and_owned_many_b-a-26_1418307498151January-1922-Vogue-14May13_bt

Photos in order: Marc Jacobs and his Dalmation, Tiger / Jessica Stam & Heidi Mount / Marianne Faithfull / Gia Carangi / Unknown / Pablo Picasso / Vogue January 1922

One thought on “Monochrome Fashion and Dalmation Dogs

  1. I have a “101 Dalmatians” DVD at my house. I had “101 Dalmatians” on VHS when I was a girl. I went to Sarasota when I was a nineteen-year-old woman in 2006. Darla Dalmatian was made on January 6, 2017. Dua and Delano Dalmatian were made in January 2018. I remember “101 Dalmatians” when I was a girl. I had a shiba inu when I was a girl. I had a Siamese Cat when I was a little girl. His name was Wooda. I have a Bichon. His name is Asher. Asher chewed on some wires when he was a puppy. Darla Dalmatian has green eyes. I have brown eyes. Angelina Alaskan Malador also has brown eyes. Dua Dalmatian has blue eyes. Delano Dalmatian has brown eyes.

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