Things I Miss About New Zealand

auckland-travelling-to-new-zealandI believe that home is where your loved ones are. The place that will always be my hometown. New Zealand is on the edge of the world next door to the penguins and polar bears, as well as Australia. One can’t help missing where they were brought up, when you’ve spent all your life there. These several months allowed me to reflect on the things I miss about New Zealand, rather than the things I didn’t miss (eg. regrets, bad memories and decisions). I was brought up in Auckland, which ironically many Kiwis who aren’t from Auckland say are Jafas (just another f*cking Aucklander). But, the reality is that Aucklanders are some of the friendliest people in the world. When you travel more, you realise how in comparison, many other cities are extremely polluted, loud, crowded and rushed.

Nature. New Zealand is one of the best places to relax, chill and just be. I spent most of my life in the country side, where there were no bad exterior influences, except for power outages and thunder storms. There was crisp, clean and fresh air in the mornings, mist in early winter mornings, milky way nights and beautiful sunrise/sunsets to begin and end each day. This really made me grounded and feel in touch with nature.

Family & Close friends. My family as well as the few close friends and wonderful music teachers that were along with me in the journey. They were always extremely supportive, taught me more than I could imagine and always encouraged me in what I was doing. I found it difficult socially in New Zealand, but these few people who gave me so much love, kept me sane and reminded me to embrace who I am.

Beaches, Mountains and Parks. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful, natural and clean places in the world. With around 4 million people in the country, it if far more populated with animals and different kinds of species. A lot of good memories were from trips to the beach with friends or family, passing mountains and hills on car rides and visiting the park for picnics or bush walks.

Fejoas. I know you can get fejoas many places. But, fejoas will forever be my childhood. I need to grow a fejoa tree some day and adopt a miniature pig to help me consume them.

My Childhood. My most treasured memories will forever be from my homeland. I really believe that most of the things that happened in my child hood and teenage years has changed and shaped me to the person I am today. I am really grateful for that.

Humour. There’s nothing quite like Kiwi Humour. Even coming to Australia. Even though, I love the Aussie humour here too. There will always be something bout it.

Our love of being outdoors. Kiwis are known for being adventurous, active and out door travelers. Whether that is going to the beach, exercising or any other outdoor activities.

Music. There are a lot of talented people in New Zealand. I had the greatest privilege of meeting many of them. I miss going to many classical concerts in Auckland and also listening to up and coming talents. Not to mention, my amazing flute, piano and theory teachers that supported me a long the way. I really admire them more than I can express here.

Animals. I grew up with many pets and farm animals. From goldfish, guinea pigs, mice, cats, dog, budgies, tadpoles, kune kune pigs to chickens, sheep, horses and cows. From moments when my dog chased a possum or the cat bringing home numerous rabbits. I loved animals so much, that my pig was literally one of my best friends. There is just something about animals that understand you in a way that no human can.

Auckland. I have a weird relationship with Auckland. There were times I didn’t want to be in this city at all and times where I couldn’t imagine not coming back to it. What ever it is, it will always be home.

Warkworth. Lastly, Warkworth. Where almost everything in my life grew and shaped me to who I am today.

Beautiful Image courtesy of The Dark Angle

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