Why do we wear make up?

45821f93cc4cb88c9a21949ebc0f2821There is a lot of emphasis in our society to wear make up, whether that is to look good, look presentable and to look ‘attractive’. I feel really strongly about this topic as an individual and thought why not write about it? I am a true believer in natural beauty and really (genuinely) believe that being friends with someone is for who they are – not the layer of skin on them. It can be too much, when I think about how much society tells us that having acne, short lashes, freckles or small eyes is ‘unattractive’. I am using these examples very generally, because in general, the media tells us that we should have longer lashes, clear skin and larger eyes.

Before I continue any further, I have to write that I like wearing eye make up. Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye shadow.  You name it. I love watching beauty vloggers and seeing them share their passion and tricks. I felt inspired to write this post to ask myself the question, on why do we wear make up? Everyone wears make up for different reasons. But as we wear make up more and more, and as less and less natural (make-up less) photos are shown in the media, there is a massive massive distortion on true natural beauty. I was watching a video by Essena (linked below) that really inspired me. I loved how she said that when she doesn’t wear make up, she subconsciously has more focus on the person, rather than her self.

We should be able to feel beautiful regardless of whether we wear make up or not. Make up should only be used to emphasise our natural beauty. I am not a huge fan of wearing anything on my face (except sunscreen) due to the years I had acne in my earlier teens. It allowed my skin to breathe more and I felt less conscious of having to have ‘perfect’ skin. Over the years, I have grown to believe that having healthy looking skin is much more important. Make up should not change the way we think about others, nor should it change the way we think about ourselves most of all. The empowerment that comes from ourselves should come from within.

There are many shallow people in this world, and so I really think that whether we have days that we wear make up or not, it should not affect the way we interact with people. Make up is used for different reasons. Whether that is to boost self – confidence, express through physical features, hide blemishes or for different occasions. Make up can also show you are making an effort, whether that is for a job interview, wedding party or any similar examples. I think the most important thing to remember is that Make up does not define who we are as a person. Social Media and the media in general has really damaged the definition of true beauty.

Have you ever talked to someone and get the vibe that they are judging you by the way you look? It has happened to me numerous times. Whether that is a girl looking me from head to toe quickly, staring at my crooked teeth or blemishes on my face. What does it matter though? Our self worth is more than the images seen on Instagram, the number of likes a photo gets, the number of comments that say ‘you look pretty’, the silly common words of goals seen everywhere and most of all more than what our critical self says. We are much more than that.

The article that inspired and motivated me to write about this topic is a video by the humble and beautiful Essena.

4 thoughts on “Why do we wear make up?

  1. I don’t wear make-up really often, when I do it is only bb cream and red lips if I am in the mood. Of course I know there are girls saying they cannot step outside without having their face painted with dozens products, and I find it a bit stupid. It looks like plaster so it is not pretty ! I think using the right products to have a natural effetc is not that easy. When I watch fashion shows, I notice make-up artists choose natural make-up more and more, just a fresh complexion. Nothing superfluous. I feel fashion is really about that nowadays, so I’m confident :)

    1. Hi Emmanuelle,

      I agree, it’s not good to wear too much make up, without taking a few days to let the skin breathe! It’s interesting isn’t it. Most people feel more confident with make up on all the time, but remembering to embrace our natural look can boost true self confidence. I like to wear minimal make up too on normal days if I can help it. I really like the look too, with the nude and natural make up. It looks very clean and fresh like you said.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Katie. X

  2. I think you’re in a great state of mind when you walk out of the house when you don’t have a touch of makeup on as confident as you would when you’re completely dolled up. Loving yourself even when it is all off is key! All that being said, no one should dictate what you want to do..

    Good article Katie!!!

  3. Hello Harivain,

    Thank you! I love the way you do your make up. It’s very creative and artistic!
    Exactly, we should feel comfortable in our self no matter the way we look.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Katie. X

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