Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

entertainment-movies-2015-06-me-earl-dying-girl-00If there ever was a film that made me think back to memories of morning rides in the car to school, while me and my sister played TV, it would be Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. For the sake of keeping it oh naturale, I didn’t want to do any research on the movie and letting it sound like many reviews with dates, facts and documentary tones. If you were a 90’s baby you may recall the back seats of cars having a rectangular hole in it (although, I am hardly riding cars now a days with my feet as transport, so maybe there are still rectangular holes). I remember changing the channels and my sister and I would recreate and imagine the strangest shows. Or when I was convinced that every time I step into the car, it would automatically mean that I am the human ipod, enthusiastically asking what everyone would like to listen to and start singing.

This film was a funny and emotional roller coaster wrapped into one. I guess everyone experienced high school in such different ways, it’s almost interesting how much we interpreted it differently. Fitting in and not fitting in – gosh, even thinking back to those days gives me a little pain. But, to just be completely yourself, now that’s the best. However, truth be told I felt most myself when I was at home. School was a strange time now looking back on it. I remember filming mini-documentaries on the old camera at home, and it sparked that memory from watching the film. Every little detail lighted up a certain memory in time. It was sweet in many ways. The way we don’t want to have friends that will make us feel terrible, the way we want to fit in yet not fit in, the way we treat other people and don’t realise our capability to affect and make a difference in other peoples lives.tumblr_noekeltMBl1urmzm0o1_540 That quote was particularly memorable to me, simply for the reminder to us that there are a million other things more important. The irony is also that Rachel is beautiful – she has a good heart, creates amazing things and doesn’t realise her beauty. I often wish it isn’t until someone has cancer that we are convinced we need to take our lives by the roots and really grow. I wish it was everyday that somehow we could all encourage each other in ways, instead of often polluting the world with hurtful words. tumblr_np51wmMRtz1urmzm0o1_540 If you grew up as a child that was not very loud or for want of a better phrase ‘not like the other kids’ then embrace it. Everyone’s different. As a child and until now, I notice how much shyness, being quiet and introverted has been put so much stereotypes and negative connotations. Instead, we should accept that everyone is different. It’s what makes the world interesting. The thing is I know I will never be the person to be excessively outgoing and loud, but that’s okay. I like to be with people one on one, I get nervous in group situations and I have anxiety attacks. It’s not normal and it’s not weird, it’s just me. However, a little weird also never hurt nobody.

High school was definitely a time of discovering and trying to find more about myself. Safe to say, that leaving high school early has benefited me in many ways. The funny thing is sometimes the period of our lives that we are most unsure of, is just a sequence of our lives before the things we are sure about do end up happening. We needed those times of unsureness to get us back on our feet, and start walking. tumblr_nqu7aqyqAw1urmzm0o1_540This scene made me smile so much. Have you ever, when you were younger (I would hope) laid on the car or on the couch after a long night or a movie night, and pretended to be asleep, just so that your Dad can carry you into bed. Or (if you were a little stranger) have you ever pretended to die in front of your cat and see how he reacted? It did involve a little bit of sniffing and then a purr while laying on my back.

So, please. If you are in a need of a pick me up. Or you have been going through that phase of life where you need a little push of creative sparks, emotion and enlightenment then do go watch the film.

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