Movies Filmed In Italy

thetourist_019Bella Italia. Italy is one of the top destinations I dream of going to. Everything from the beautiful sculptures, architectural buildings, baroque music and art galleries speak romance. Let alone the language – if not romantic enough. In 2011, I learned Italian for 1.5 years, before losing my socks and deciding I should focus on two languages first. However, I am determined to pick it up again, because there is nothing too small or big we can do, right? (Ask me how my Italian is in 5 years time). Europe is one of those places I dream of going, because I have never been. I know that feeling that when you are in a different country, it is like a completely different world. From the taste, smells, sights to the people, culture, language and scenery. Here are the ones I have watched and enjoyed:

Roman Holidayromanholiday4This is an absolute classic romance, with Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) on a royal trip to Rome. She grows tire of her daily routine and the need to behave appropriate. This leads to her adventurous time in the streets of Rome, while meeting an American Newspapermen, and falling in love. He is clueless to her status, but before you know it, the rest is history (to watch for yourself).

La Dolce Vita110161721_834956bThis movie was insanely stylish, considering it was filmed in 1960. You will be warned that it is quite a long film, but it is filled with interesting stories and Italian. I felt like a turtle in comparison. The film is a drama and comedy, filmed in Rome that is one of those classics that need to be watched.

The TouristthetouristThe Tourist stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, in Venice. It is a Thriller with comedy and romance here and there. There were scenes which overlooked the Grand Canal, and made me wonder what it would be like to really be there. Grazie and Gracias were sometimes mixed up, but only by Depp. Strangely enough.

Eat, Pray, Loveeat_pray_loveEat, Pray, Love starred Juliet Roberts as Liz Gilbert. I had read the book first, and had a partial vision of what may happen. The movie is filmed mostly in Naples, with the most delicious food to satisfy your stomach. It was about losing love, falling in love and finding one’s self through travelling and experiencing life over again.

To Rome With LoveTo-Rome-with-Love1-535x356The movie is filmed in Rome – hence the title. It features an American couple, Italian families and some visitors. Filled with adventures, romance and comedy, you really get the vibe that this is a Woody Allen’s film. The street walking (Midnight In Paris) and wondering the city. The interesting stories that are quite unexpected and some lessons to learn.

Note: How could we ever not mention the most incredible, inspiring and influential composers of Italy. From Donizetti, Puccini, Vivaldi (Even though I am not subtlety so fond of the Four Seasons), Rossini, Paganini and many many more.

5 thoughts on “Movies Filmed In Italy

  1. Great post I love ‘Roman Holiday’ huge Audrey Hepburn fan here. I loved her in the horror classic ‘Wait Until Dark’. She was good in everything. I miss Audrey.

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