Style File: Alicia Vikander

73a492f3a21a315f10c146b98b47f13b What a natural beauty. Alicia Vikander is the kind of person that breathes an effortless grace and is simply so likable. I admire the way she looks simply chic while oozing femininity. Assuming she carries the sweet scent of lovely jasmine from her pictures – Someone tell me they feel that too. A person with a striking, elegant personal style and a talent in the creative world from acting, modelling to dancing. 32a65a89d6d95bec38fbd6888b6babc8 56d5c94648c415b69bdc76d8fd566e52 a15b61aac5c64bf16d7188d21a528302 cc485e65a245cab29d03a34697d3966a 2b87e49a04f8598806e439450a98ae31

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