Australian Men’s Fashion Blogs


The rise of fashion bloggers and style files deserve a round of applause for their impeccable style. There are countless bloggers, but one that needs a mention is the rise of Australian male fashion bloggers bringing a new name to the scene, with tailored outfits, stylish street wear and shiny leather shoes. It’s a relief that men are expressing their individual styles on the platform to inspire the fashion industry in an industry with a huge focus on women fashion. A visual diary has become a passion, fashion influencer and a space to divulge in self expression. Respect for those who passionately show their style blogs for the world to indulge.

Boy In The Black Bow Tieboy in the black bow tieHey Gents208987_380939821962045_1470003413_nWayward SonkSMF BlogThis-Is-Street-Style-SMF-5-1050x700Lee OliveiraLEEOLIVEIRA-3p2Mr Volpatopitti-uomo-86-street-style-report-part-1-16-960x640_feature_1050x700Sydney Mens StyleZegna-4BenjiausHM7

All Photos Credited to Original Website.

4 thoughts on “Australian Men’s Fashion Blogs

    1. Hi Warren,

      Thank you for your message. It made a lovely start to my week! I really admire you and Cissy’s work – It’s inspiring to see your stylish journey in the fashion world.

      Katie. X

  1. Thank you for this superb article. I was never an online shopping kinda guy & have recently jumped on to this bandwagon. One of my favourites is shopping with I am always amazed at the things I end up buying that I would never have tried on! I especially love the wonderful collection of men’s coach jackets.

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