Fashion In The 60’s

The beginning of Spring begins. I was walking in the park early Sunday Morning and couldn’t help noticing how close the moon looked in the sky. Bearing in mind this was around 5 in the morning. There is something about 60’s fashion that just brings to mind all the different fashion icons of the decade and all the different styles of fashion that were prominent during the time. When I look at the 21st century, I try to visualise what our period of fashion may be defined in twenty years time, but somehow it seems harder, when you are still living in it. 60’s makes me think of words such as trendy, colourful, mod dresses, bright, feminine and striking.

large_c850d456-4885-48e4-a045-d9c5bc0eb8betumblr_m4vfvuERYC1r8h83co1_1280  enhanced-buzz-5600-1385285304-33 54bc80498054e_-_hbz-catherine-deneuve-1963-107555854 tumblr_mhdnnqeELP1rypx6fo1_500 tumblr_mbeurgUQGh1rypx6fo1_500 tumblr_mhdo3hSwH21rypx6fo1_5004bardot

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