Happiness Is A Choice, Not A Destination

From the Book: 快樂說話術 / Rip It Up: Forget Positive thinking, it’s time for positive action. Written By Richard Wiseman

There are numerous books that tell us to think a certain way to change our thinking. But as Richard Wiseman writes, he mentions that we must not just imagine, but we must also do it. Hence, the saying Actions speak louder than words. It’s easy to think about the things we want to change, just as much as the new year resolutions we make at the beginning of the year. Yet, the first step is to think about it and the result is the action taken. Every great inventor had to think of the idea first, and then create it. As humans, we are natural creators and that’s why I strongly believe every person is able to make a difference, by processing their thoughts into action.  It’s so simple, because the answer is in 3 words…just do it.

Especially living in the city, it’s so often that we see people who look stressed and worn out. Many people believe that happiness is not a choice, but it really is. I assure you. If you make a conscious decision to be happy, then you will be. If not, then that’s your decision too. In the famous words of J K Rowling, from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, she writes “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” How true is that. People can get soaked up into the negative energy without consciously being aware that their happiness is determined by themselves, not from anyone or anything else. Just as being kind is a choice, our own happiness in our every day lives is a choice.

I read a post just today, that children are the greatest teachers, because even those who have suffered the most hard times beyond our imagination, still laugh, smile and light up each day. Do you ever notice, how when we were much younger, more or less everyone talked to each other. As you grow older, people are more in their own circles. Children are open, kind, creative and caring in a way that as adults we have to remember that we mustn’t take life too seriously, or withhold judgment and live with a heart full of worries.

Every day say the 15 phrases loudly, clearly and happily to yourself. Believe in it with all your heart that it is true. When we believe in ourselves it encourages, motivates and makes us happier!

要大聲說出來,開開心心的說 真實的說

1) I feel especially good today


2) I think I can do it very well!

2, 我覺得我可以把事情做好。

3) I am very happy that every one is friendly to me


4) I know that if I do it with all my heart, I will succeed


5) Right now, I am very passionate

5, 此時此刻我充滿熱情。

6) I am very energetic right and I really enjoy what I am doing right now


7) I think today is particularly efficient


8) My optimism will make most of the people I interact with happy


9) Today, everything within me will feel wonderful


10) I feel very spirited, creative and very smart

10, 我現在非常振奮,特別有創意,也特別聰明。

11) I believe that my friends will always support me


12) I believe that most of my present life I am in control of

12, 我覺得目前的生活大部分都是我可以掌握的。

13) I have a great mood right now, I could listen to beautiful music

13, 我心情很好,現在就想聽一首美妙的音樂。

14) I really like doing this, I think I can do it very well

14, 我很喜歡做這件事,我覺得自己做得不錯!

15) I cannot wait to start :)‏!


If you ever grew up in the country side, then I’m sure you will understand the beauty of seeing the milky way and the stars in the sky on a clear night. You might remember the nights of lying on the deck with the family just to admire them. It’s easy, that as we get older we let our problems and our own lives become the cloud above our heads, and we forget about the beautiful things like the stars in the sky. There are so many wonderful things in this world, that it’s important to remember that our lives can have so much joy if we just let it.

Source: Photograph by Kendisan Seruyan / Laughing in the rain / Twistedsifter.com

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