Daily Thoughts #14


Sunday night was magical. The people, the vibe, the presence of God and the deep meaning in the words that were spoken. It really enlightened me, not only in my mind, but in my heart. Just recently, I read the article of Willow Smith on i-D magazine, and it just makes me relieved to know, that the new generation still has people who are taking issues beyond a selfie or how-many-likes and bringing aware of real issues, as well as encouraging really doing what you love from the bottom of your heart. Don’t let society tell you that you are this way, you are that way, you have to be like this. Have your own opinions, disagree, agree, but at the end of the day. Be You. Don’t be anyone else.

Just as in fashion, everything seems to have a trend these days. It’s as if when you don’t follow the trend, you’re not normal. Define normal. That’s something I always wish I could ask people. The sermon really touched me, that I genuinely genuinely wish with all my energy that people can understand this. Misjudgment and discrimination constantly happens every day. No matter what race, gender, sex, religion and age we are. No matter what we wear or how we walk, or how we talk – we are judged. There was a video filmed that showed young children being shown images of famous people. They had to guess what their job was. Words of Taxi Driver and Police Women were just some of the guesses. These were people – Bill Gates, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, that were shown. It also proves that our job does not define us.

In the millisecond that we are exposed to an image, we have a pre-judgement of whether we trust this person.. We see what we see. But the things we don’t see, is like a whole ocean. We see what is on the surface, rippling by. But we don’t see the deep ocean that is within every soul. That’s how judgmental of a society we are. We just scratch the surface. Nobody is perfect. It’s a fact, but that’s what makes us special. It’s what makes us different, Yet, we live in a society that pursues perfection, and therefore because nobody can reach it, people judge each other. Love your neighbours. Did you know we share 99.5% of the same DNA in every human being. It is that 0.5% that makes us so special and unique. It reminds us, that in every body, we have red blood that runs in our veins, yet we can discriminate someone for being black or white?

What saddened me as I sat on the bus on the way home, was a couple sitting in front of me. Both of them were scrolling on their own screens of Facebook and Instagram, as I sat down and watched the rain patter on the window. They were so disconnected with what was happening around them. The value of conversation and words often feel as if they have fallen around us, and images that satisfy, consume us. I remember talking to a friend, that is blind. She told me how many people find it hard to describe directions to her, because we are such a visual society, that pointing is easier. I hope that we don’t lose the way we articulate ourselves as individuals. But, it’s important to remember what is truly important. See me for who I am, not what I look like. Which should be how we see everyone. As they are. Do you ever notice this? People who are deemed pretty are treated differently. That, if you don’t look a certain way, you’re not good enough? We should be a society that uplifts each other, but sadly we are a society that often degrades.

There is a depth of shallow, in which people judge others by their layer of skin, rather than seeing their heart. What I wish, was people would see the heart. Stop trying to fit in, be cool, but start being you. Have conversations that mean something, rather than constantly constantly talking about other people. How hurtful is that? It’s sad, because so many people gossip. They do it on the daily, and don’t think about how much they’re actually hurting themselves rather than the person. When we talk about others badly, we put down others. How many people have you talked to, and never known that they have just had this or that happened to them? Yet, in a sense, we can often be ignorant and selfish as human beings. The thing is, I am no better than the person beside me.

Yet, people are trying to be better than other people. I’m no better than the homeless person on my walk on the way home. As harsh as it would sound to say neither are you, would be the truth. I say this, because we are all human at the end of the day. We all have our special super powers, whether that is someone who is a concert violinist or a person who can memorise numbers after hearing them once. At the sermon, the orchestra played Ode To Joy, composed by Beethoven. The way every instrument was a distinctively important part to make a harmony that filled the room with a special kind of energy was powerful. We are all an important part of the universe. We all have a special talent in the palm of our hands, everyone is different, we all have our ups and downs. Nobody’s life is perfect. Let’s be a society that talks about what really matters. Let’s be individuals that see people for their hearts, rather than for their face.

Equality is still a huge issue everyday. In every way. The only way we can make a change, is by starting with ourselves. Embrace yourself for who you are. I remember when I was in Auckland, there was a feeling I would feel everyday. There would always be something missing. It was the feeling of being able to express myself for who I am. It was the feeling of not wanting to be told by others what to do, because I was much more soft spoken. Don’t ever let anyone take advantage of you. As an introvert, there are many situations I find painfully hard to face, till this day. Whether that is making new friends, being the centre of attention or expressing my self emotionally and vocally.

Did you know every few minutes in the world, someone takes their own life. I know it sounds over dramatic. But every single thing we say to someone, affects them in a way, big, small, significant or insignificant. It all adds up. When we get hurt, our heart wants to be against whatever hurt us. Whether it is a memory, a person or an event. Practicing to let go could be the hardest thing to do. Yet, letting go is often what is really needed. Acknowledge and set it free. As I realise how short life is, I really want to spend my life doing things that I love. Not just working to pay off the bills. But to really do something I love.

Don’t compare your lives with others. Your life is incomparable with others. The journey is specially your own. No individual is more superior than the next. We are all wonderfully made in our own way.

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