six fashion magazines you should be reading


There is something about magazines that take you on a portal to another place. The visuals. The words. Explosion of ideas. The creators work on paper right in front of you. Everything. If you are a creative cookie (and sweet tooth), then magazines like Yen and Frankie will welcome you warmly into your hands. Whereas Vogue has always intrigued me in other ways. It’s been around for such a long time, that there is a historical and up to date element to it. As well as the wonderful editorials taking you into another sphere fantasy world, and articles to really make you think. Nevertheless, with the Digital world becoming a place itself, there are always new ideas waiting to be born, nurtured and come to life. Note: Anything in italics belongs to the original website.

1. Yen


Yen is like a long lost friend. We’re always waiting to catch up once a month and have a good old yarn. A creative gem wrapped up into one. Art, Fashion, Film, Music, Beauty, Lifestyle.. It’s down to earth, and shares up and coming talents in Australia. The name Yen just rings a bell and makes me think Ying and Yang. However, the definition of Yen, actually means a desire or craving. It’s almost like the chocolate you’ve been craving for, the sip of cool icy lemonade under the blazing sun or the desire to go swimming on a hot day. The thing I love about Yen is the encouragement to embrace your creativity and your unique self.

Who is the Yen girl? She is optimistic about her future • She is career-oriented and ambitious. • She absorbs trends and translates them into her own individual style. • She is savvy and won’t be fooled by one-size-fits-all offerings. • She takes pride in her appearance and wellbeing. • She is aware of and passionate about cultural, political and social issues. • She is engaged in the world around her and has an active social life. • She is discerning but loyal to the brands that fit her values.

2. Frankie


Me and Frankie have always had an on and off relationship. But ever since the online magazines have come to life, we are finally reconnected. Reading Frankie, is like taking my daily cup of mocha in the morning and having a bowl of boysenberry yoghurt sprinkled with berries. Sweet enough, but not overly sweet to make you feel the other way round. Introduced by my older sister at a young age, the pages always had a special bookish quality to it. I would see the poster calenders hanged on my sisters white walls, decorating them like lovely vintage wallpaper.

frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are. We cover design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, interiors and real-life stories – we aim to surprise and delight readers with every turn of our beautifully matte pages, and have a good old laugh while doing so.


Oyster 99cover med res

The vibe of Oyster is a homely and toasty one. It’s cool, calm yet rock’n’ roll. It’s the kind you want to lie on your couch and read through the pages. I was only newly introduced to Oyster this year, but appreciate its articles of news that I may not hear elsewhere. The voice of Oyster is none like any other, like the voice of Lana Del Rey. Although, I don’t know if that comparison is over dramatic. Nonetheless, I highly recommend Oyster for those thirsty for more. For the laid back lovers or the living breathing pop culture addicts.

Oyster is an international fashion, beauty, music and pop-culture title established in Australia in 1994, initially published bi-monthly and, as of August 2012, published bi-annually. The magazine features exclusive international fashion editorial, interviews, and extensive music and art editorial. Oyster showcases the work of leading photographers and young up-and-coming talent from around the world, and is renowned for its avant-garde approach to style.

4. Russhrussh-magazine-you-may-say-im-a-dreamer-10The name itself is captivating. I confess, Russh is the first magazine that I bought when I moved to Australia. Simply because the title grabbed my attention. I love that every edition has a theme and a title on the cover. Most of the covers feature an up and close raw image of the model.

RUSSH Magazine is an independent fashion magazine showcasing innovators in fashion, art, music and film through originally produced editorial and photography. It reflects the way intelligent women approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style. RUSSH is Australian at heart, international in mindset.

5. Vogueimages-article-2013-03-18-VAU0413cover_HR1Being one of the first magazines to pick up from the shelves, Vogue is one of the magazines I’ve read for several years. When I used to sit at the library back in the city or my home town, there would be many different Vogue Editions (UK, US, AU). The pages of editorials would sometimes invite you into the make believe world, or the title of an article would attract you to read until the last word. Interviews of your favourite people and clothes you can admire from a page view. It keeps you up to date with the latest news, trends and styles.

The undisputed authority on fashion and beauty for over 100 years, Vogue is an internationally recognised name. Vogue Australia brings those global standards of fashion and beauty to a national audience, reaching smart, stylish females who love fashion

Vogue Australia provides comprehensive runway coverage of major fashion shows, authoritative reports on seasonal trends, the latest social, celebrity and fashion news, and lively, informed takes on fashion and pop culture. It aims to enlighten, entertain and inspire as the authoritative voice in Australian fashion.

6. Whim Online Magazine


Recently created in the last few years, Whim Online magazine combines Australian talent, in a beautiful, fresh and pleasing way. In all it’s enchanting dreams and wonderland, it’s a heavenly escape into the clouds. They have inspired me to visit the Sydney cat cafe too, and cuddle as many cats as possible. The pages are full of colour and creativity is pulsing at every turn. It’s amazing to see the incredible talent showcased here.

Whim is a blog based in Sydney Australia that also releases bi-monthly digital magazine issues under the same title. The blog has a strong focus on whimsical and dreamy photography, as well as art and fashion content. We also enjoy publishing beauty content, event reviews and interviews with other creatives, such as bloggers, musicians, designers and online shop owners from time to time.

The bi-monthly digital issues also act as a platform to showcase whimsical and dreamy photography and art content, as well as interviews with the featured creatives. Other digital issue content includes DIYs, recipes, creative writing and interviews with bloggers, musicians, designers, models, online shop owners etc.

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