There is something about this that sparks my mind. It shows how as human beings ,we tend to think of ourselves much less than we really are. We praise others, but forget to praise ourselves. We admire others characteristics, but forget to admire our own. We see someone beautiful and forget the beauty we have. And the most important one, we tend to see what we love about others, but don’t put as much focus on what we should love about ourselves. It’s too often society tries its best to make us turn against ourselves. To spend more money to make us more this or more that. In a sense, we are almost not allowed to say I’m completely satisfied.  I’m sure if once a day I could write a list of five things I loved about myself, it can be similar to the feeling of practicing gratitude – it feels good. Often the things we should love about ourselves may even be the perceived flaws we have of ourselves. Here are five things I love about myself:

1) I am proudly introverted. This is seen too often as a negative (here are two articles I wrote about Introverts // Introverts). I tend to think about things very deeply and analyse things in depth before speaking. I don’t like to engage in gossip, talk behind others or engage in shallow topics and am quite comfortable in long silences.

2) Sensitivity. I am highly empathetic and caring to others feelings. It helps when showing kindness and consideration. I really draw to emotions (call it the musician heart of me speaking).

3) Communication. I make an effort to keep in contact with the ones I love. However, sadly once you leave your hometown, I have had experiences in the past, where I have lost close friends. But you realise the true ones who love you will make an effort just to drop an email or a simple text.

4) Spontaneity and Humour. I am very random. At least, probably more when I was younger. Although, that you would probably just called weird. But life can be a little weird, so I guess it’s a win win.

5) Ability to Listen. I know that we always have certain people who are better at speaking, listening or a balance of both, which is certainly important in business today. However, I always tended to be better at listening.

I love the last part – But the most important thing is even if  we are apart I’ll always be with you. Long distance couples can relate to this, people who don’t get to see their family often or the ones who have suffered a loss one. Those who love us never truly leave us. Loved ones always want us to love ourselves, because before we can love anyone we must love ourselves. Makes sense right?

What’s five things you love about yourself? X

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