the skinny theory


I’ve been having an itch to write this for a while, because this topic has been on my mind for quite some time. In this day and age, especially in the digital world, it seems almost as if we are never skinny enough or we need to watch our weight. Yet, promoting a healthy lifestyle should be the most important thing, right? Just before I get right into it, let me tell you that I am big tiny teddy chocolate addict, daily oats eater and mostly eat fruit oppose to meat, to put it into perspective.

When I was younger (as many of you reading this probably can relate) I would be told that I need to eat more, I’m too skinny, I’m a ‘twig’, ‘stick’ and ‘thin’ were words I heard much too often. Yet, even though I loved to jog everyday for an hour right after school, I ate healthy and enjoyed eating until my tummy was well and truly satisfied. I always wish that we could somehow respect everyone’s bodies, and that if they are happy and healthy, that’s what truly matters.

The year I truly lost a lot of weight, was back in 2013. I nearly lost 5kg that year, which for me was quite significant, considering I am in my 40’s on the scales already. It was the first time I had no appetite to eat and felt really down a lot of the time. Exercising is ultimately for health and having more energy. It makes you happy! Living a healthy lifestyle and feeding your body nutritious food is doing yourself a kindness.

When people aim to be a certain weight or figure, that’s fine and all. The thing to remember is to not starve yourself or give yourself negative body talk. You’re beautiful. You really are. Every morning, when you look into the mirror, tell yourself the words ‘I feel good about myself’, because before we can change anything, we need to love ourselves first. X

-unrelated photo I took at central station, sydney-

3 thoughts on “the skinny theory

  1. Thank you for sharing it Katie!
    ‘Weight’ is a big issue especially among young girls and in the fashion world, I’m glad to read this from a young girl’s point of view!!

    Viv X

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