Sunday Inspiration

What Defines You? Today, on Mother’s Day, my Mother sent the following link to my Facebook. I was touched and given the gift of some very fresh perspective of what truly matters within our lives. How many times do we hear the words of judgment on someones physical appearance, that people forget the person has a heart. If we were somehow in a life threatening situation on the Earth for one hour, I wonder what true side we would discover in us all. What Defines Me? I believe that I define myself. I am my own company throughout my entire life, and so surely I define myself. right? The only person that can change me, is myself. The only one who can tell myself I can or I can’t, is myself. And the only one who can take words of hate and turn them into love, is myself.

It’s hard in society where people are so quick to label others with words, that can have a huge influence on the person. The importance that Lizzie speaks of in her TEDx talk, is to use those words of hurt to make you stronger. She graduated from college, is a motivational speaker and has written 3 books all under the age of 30. The previous months have been emotionally tough for myself, as in life it’s the simplest things that we can often forget to have gratitude for. The ability to have two legs to go on a journey, a healthy body, eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to love. There are numerous inspirational speakers in the world, who want each of us to simply know, that you can. What ever it is that you want to achieve in your life, you can reach it. A kind heart is gold.

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