Instagram Diary


How can you ever imagine Sydney being stormy, with its beautiful blue sunshine weather. Oh, but you can. Especially when you wear your trench coat for the first time in Australia and simply cannot stop craving hot chocolate. Unfortunately, due to my snacking needs, I have succumbed to cereal eating once again. When you love the taste of milk and jump in joy from seeing cereal boxes with different flavours, you know you have an addiction. Here are some instagram photos for a teeny tiny minuscule snapshot of my life…


The first week of adventure time in Sydney’s beautiful places. I fell in love with Sydney on my first day, after getting off the plane I could feel the warm heat and the arms of a loved one. Never feeling such a hot sun on my back, while standing in front of the Harbour Bridge & University of Sydney.


There are many parks in the neighbour hood, but the one in the city with book readers, are seen at Hyde Park. We were strolling in Hyde Park, with a guitarist serenading beside us, strumming away. If you would like to go to a park with dogs, try Central Park on a sunny day to fulfill  your daily dose of happiness / Feeding an Elephant at Singapore Zoo.


Winter time in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s been a few years not experiencing the Summery hot season in Taiwan. Hopefully someday / Taipei 101 lighting up at night time.


Random snap shots.. Pretending to be real candles, disguising chandelier / red roses.


Gold Nails / Lunch and Tea


New Zealand roses / food


Beitou, Taipei / Outside Taipei Library

No matter if you are in the country side or in the centre of a city amidst the hustle and bustle, there is always beauty everywhere.

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