Daily Thoughts #12


Extraordinary Chickens – By Janet Hill.

Hill says “I almost called this painting ‘Lemon Chicken’ but thought better of it when I realized the insinuation that she will be eating lemon chicken for dinner that night.  And that’s not a very pleasant thought.  But she is drinking lemonade so she is resourceful with her citrus fruit at the very least.”

Which is just as well, when you have eight funky looking chicken.

Waiting can often feel like one of the hardest thing to do, considering we cannot wind the clock faster. In this case, I try to find activities to do, to make the time go faster. The more productive we are, rather than lying there thinking about it, the more satisfying it can be for using the time wisely. If you are like me, I love to make lists to set out clearly what I need to accomplish during the day. This is great for reminding yourself throughout the day what you need to do. Remember (as a dear friend once told me) that a simple life will make you feel happier. Over thinking is the enemy of us all, which leads to stress and worry. Just as a smile and a laugh is contagious, stress can be too. Remember to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, not just on the outside, but genuinely in the inside too. The best thing is to remember what is important in life. I like to read Hello Giggles in the morning, and there was something that really struck me. It was an instagram post of a woman in her swim suit. She explained how it is not being brave, when someone who is bigger than the ideal size wears a swimsuit. This diminishes others self worth, when we say it is brave to “…” in relation to our body image. As many instagrammers know, it is often that we see people with the ‘ideal’ body. It’s sad to see words such as ‘thinspiration’ or ‘fitspiration’. What is truly important in life, is happiness. When you feel beautiful, it should not be affected by any definition society creates. Life is not about conformity, but about embracing your individuality. What’s truly important,  is good health, family and friends and happiness.

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