Little Joys In Life


It’s so often that we allow negative thoughts to consume our mind. It is also so often that we focus on the things that we don’t have, rather than seeing and appreciating the things we do have. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, as they are literally the seed of our actions. What you think, you become. Often people put themselves down because they feel insecure, and in this case they will put others down by judging them. If only we can appreciate everyday for the tiniest things. The hard thing about our generation is the advancement of technology. We can have so much, yet feel that we still have so little. This is because there is always that feeling of wanting, rather than the feeling of gratitude. When I watched an inspiring youtube video, it talked about how kindness is a happiness that we all have within ourselves. It is a form of love. It talked about how what we think, will affect the words we speak, which in turn will affect our actions, and this results into a habit, which builds character, and is ultimately our destiny. Our mind and our emotions can lie to us without us even realising. It can tell us we are not worth it, when every individual is totally worth it. It’s important to be true to yourself, and to not let external factors affect you as a person. Sure, there will always be negative people in the world. But you can choose to not be one of them. We can bless everyone with positive thoughts, shower words of love and wish them well, rather than taking their seed they have planted and watering it more with negativity.


The little pleasures in life are the things we shouldn’t take for granted. The feeling of waking up extremely relaxed with the warm blankets on you and making a cup of hot chocolate. Listening to music and relaxing in the sun on the beach. Laughing with your family and friends and spending time with them. Recently, I realised even just having feet to take me places and arms to hold someone is something that I truly appreciate.  It’s the small details in a painting that create a vision. We may not realise it, but it’s often that we try to look at the whole picture and predict every part of it. Patience and time is beautiful in the way it proves most of our worries will never happen, and that the time we spent worrying was precious time we could of smiled, laughed and be happy. Every sixty seconds spent sad is a minute you will never get back. A good way to realise how much there is to be grateful of is to question your thoughts. Ask yourself why do you compare, why do you feel that way, what are you grateful for? When we compare ourselves to others, it is similar to saying “They are better than me”. I do not believe in the saying in relation to our physical attributes, there will always be a person more beautiful than you and people you are more beautiful than. This is soley based on visual perception. Society can create a definition of beautiful, but it is your own inner beauty that creates a diverse world. The kindness that you express and the positive energy you create in the world is beautiful in itself.


Many people say mean things, because they have lost sight of the small joys in their life. They lose sight from comparing themselves and feeding the negativity with more bad thoughts. We can make the choice to let something mean someone says affect ourselves personally, or we can let it slide by and use it as encouragement to spread positivity and make us a stronger person. The reason is because as soon as we let someones comments or actions affect us, we in turn have succumbed to the persons goal of affecting us. It can be hurtful words and it can be hard to shield away, but it is also important that we know the difference between what is true and what is not. If someone says “You are not worth it”, then it is a lie. If someone says negatively, “You are too quiet” and you are a quiet person, and you know it’s true, then you can say calmly “I am”. If someone makes it sounds negative, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad thing. We always hear the words too shy, too skinny, too this and that. The funny thing about bad thoughts is that it tries to grow and grow, and we can actually make a choice to stop it. I am always quite stunned when I hear a group of girls behind me or two strangers walking by on the street, at how much negative energy people project when talking about other people, often in such hatred. I have learned that if a ‘friend’ talks about other people constantly and negatively to me, then they are talking about me too. The only way we can stop focusing on the bad is to selflessly love ourselves, those around us and have gratitude for the small things. We can make life a lot more complex than it truly is. There are so many reasons we say things can go wrong, but there are a million more ways for things to go right. Just remember that feeling when you smile, when someone compliments you, when you laugh, when you feel comfortable in your skin, when you have a good sleep and when you care for others. It makes you feel a light of energy  inside. It’s contagious, feels good and makes you grateful for the little joys in life.


Some Little Joys In Life Brain Storm

*Eating the last chocolate biscuit in the packet

*Being indoors on a stormy day

*Watching a movie at the cinema

*The feeling of clean teeth after brushing

*Hot Shower after a long day

*Microwaving a Home Made Chocolate Cake in a cup

Illustrations by Angela Dalinger

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