Why I Write Diaries


Ever since I learned how to write in English, I would jump at the chance to write. It started off by having gifts of notebooks and gel pens. I would write in my little notebook about my day and what I did. It’s sad that over the years I have thrown away roughly 15 journals. Writing is like an escape, where your mind can wonder. It is unafraid to be personal, deep and expressive. You could write about how you are feeling in a way that would be hard to express vocally. Writing is raw, honest and liberating. I don’t know if it is just me who feels this way, but ever since technology has captured more of our attention over the years, there are less people reading and writing. Sure, we can read online, but I always miss the physical element of holding a book and flicking through the pages.

It was lucky that the country side I grew up in had a library. Every week we would go to the library to get books out. As a child I liked to write my own stories, poems and create my own magazines about stories that could of happened. Strangely enough my first story was about a caterpillar that turned into a butterfly. Story telling seems like a while ago, but somehow in this generation we are more story telling in popular culture rather than in raw imagination. I hope that you still keep you imagination alive and don’t absorb into some of our societies media news. Writing is great for remembering your goals, history, feelings, emotions, inner voice, stories and to witness how you have changed over the years. Remember the days where we would take a piece of paper and pen out to write to a friend or family member? Our sense of identity and personality was reflected in our writing.

Diaries allow you to remind yourself of what you are doing in your life everyday. It allows you to stay present and focused. After a day, we realise that these moments in our day have been lived. There is no turning back. The therapeutic motion and action of letting go through the arms of your hands and the ink of the pen can be gratifying. Maybe today you could write down 3 things you are grateful for, or write a letter to a friend you haven’t contacted in years. Expressing yourself (especially if you are like me, and it is easier to express privately) is a great way of connecting with yourself.  It lets you let go rather than hold in everything, until you can feel the weight on your shoulders. It lets you smile at moments in your life and be grateful for these moments in your life that happened.

The voice of how we felt loved then and the love we feel now has changed dramatically. The descriptions of our first crush and the feelings of gratitude and love today have changed so incredibly. I’m sure 10 years ago, little Katie thought she met the love of her life until realising a decade later that it was only a small butterfly. Over the years, you realise what made you hurt easily, what mistakes you made, how you have changed and what moments were truly special to you. Note: Those moments seemed to always be the smallest things. How we have matured through the years and our understanding of life becomes more clear. Understanding that through language, words, actions and communication, we are all looking for a state of mind of loving and being loved.

Reflecting within ourselves, we learn a lot in our lives. It is our experiences, mistakes, lessons and decisions that enables us to continually learn everyday, that leads to true success. Constantly learning and growing. Writing is an emotional outlet, but it also makes you wise to know that in society we mustn’t let our emotions skyrocket to our verbal words. Let’s face it there are enough examples of judgment, hurt, negativity and thoughts without thinking reflected on youtube comments. Writing shows what words we tell ourselves and what words we do not tell others. It allows ourselves to hear our voice in whatever emotion we are feeling, which allows us to understand ourselves, without affecting others. It processes our emotions to ourselves first other than telling others something first based on sudden emotions. The action of writing it means we do not restrict ourselves. There are many ways of expressing yourself emotionally, whether through talking, drawing, dancing, writing, listening to music, singing or running.

It’s important to have something you feel happy doing, because that’s what life is about. Being happy and doing what you love. Having something that enables you to express yourself and explore your creative outlet, will make you feel more balanced and calm. It opens our eyes to who we are personally and let’s us have more perspective about moments in our lives. Self expression is important. Write your heart out.

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

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