Fear of Failure


Fear can swallow us whole. If we let it. It can be like falling down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole and struggling to get out with your own energy, while the pressure of gravity pulls you down. It can feel like dominoes falling down quickly and before you know it you’re on the floor. It can feel like being stuck on the floor by a hot glue gun in one position, hardly able to move yourself. It can feel like time has stopped completely and life is at a complete stand still. You may ask yourself questions such as “What am I doing with my life?” or “Why is this happening to me?” and more deeply “What is the meaning of life?”. Because, honestly, how often is it that we tell ourselves with doubt, maybe I can’t, maybe I shouldn’t, I don’t think I can do it.

When we make our self worth seem so small and insignificant, that is when we ultimately lose self confidence within ourselves. Every single time you tell yourself I’m worthless, I can’t do it. You are lying to yourself. That is when you are not being true to your own abilities. Let me tell you. You are completely worthy, able and have all the power to make a difference. It all begins in the way you are thinking. What you feed your mind, you will produce. It is like planting a seed and watering it. If you plant a seed, nurture it, then it will grow healthy and happy. However, as soon as you neglect yourself and allow bad thoughts to consume you, then you will feel worthless.

Failure can grow faster than weeds and plant itself deeply and entrench our minds and dangerously in our hearts. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 1 million people globally die from suicide. I would be disheartened even more so, to know how many more million people have attempted. If you have ever been a person in the position to say “Suicide is selfish”, then please think again and ask yourself this question, “How is the person actually feeling?”. Often people who commit suicide, have no will to live because life seems completely hopeless, as if there is no escape from the never ending pain. They are literally living in depression and unable to escape the grey cloud. If you have ever attempted or felt the pain of a close family/friends experience of this then you feel as if you have failed. Don’t ever feel this way.

I am telling you now, from my own personal experiences that life is only as complicated as we make it. In all its complexities there are the simplicity that are so often missed. I struggled many years and still do till this day with anxiety, but the one thing I have learned deeply is that how you think of yourself is more powerful than any of the 7 billion people on the planet. You will always be told how to act, how you should look, how you should this and that. You will always be judged. People will love and some people will hurt. But let me advise you that your thoughts of yourself and your self love to you is so powerful and the most life changing for you. God has a wonderful plan for you. Whether you believe in Him or not, you were set foot on this Earth for a purpose. When you have complete faith, you have confidence in your life. When you have confidence, you bring happiness.

Failure can be formed from being concerned about what others may think, it may be not getting the score you would of liked, it may feel like a sense of worthlessness and it can be the most hard hitting point in your life where a wave is crashing inside of you. But the funny thing about crashing down, is that how much further can you crash until you need to come back up to breathe. It’s our choices that we make, which ultimately shape us. You can choose to live life positively or you can choose to live life with negativity. The judgment, hatred and meaness you spread in the world, will only hit back to you harder than you try to hit others. It will be a boomerang, where ultimately what you attract will affect you. But, the love, kindness and care you spread in the world will help others and help yourself. Every individual is on their own journey in life. Success is one small step at a time. Try, try and try. Never give up. Improve, make mistakes and keep improving. Let go of the feelings of worthlessness and doubt, because remember this, you are completely worthy and wonderfully made the way you are.


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 
– Paulo Coelho

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