Daily Thoughts #11


Image from www.hdwallpapersinn.com

Over the mountain of feeling slight exhaustion that may prolong the day, there is always the feeling of gratitude at the end of it. I watched a video of Wendy’s Lookbook which inspired me and reminded me to look at the world from an open view. To avoid narrowing our view of the world through a drinking straw or only from the snapshot of a camera, but to open our eyes, minds and hearts to the world we are in as a whole. There are endless things everyone of us should be so grateful for, but it is easy for humans to turn a blind eye to these when we are caught up in our fast paced lives. It is easy for bad things to happen, and the feeling of crashing comes quickly after. How often do we lift ourselves up by thinking, gosh how lucky am I to be able to wake up in a bed every morning and not worry about having nothing to wear (but really, how many of us have said “I have nothing to wear”?). Not unless you’re naked reading this right now.

It’s expected when you move to a new country, you will have the “home sick syndrome” for a few weeks, months or a year or two. Of course, a part of you will feel free to start with a new beginning. However, the feeling of overwhelmed anxiety may grip you on the shoulders only a little. It can make you feel thoroughly nervous, scared and confused. You may lose balance for a while.  In this part of life, it reminds us to be grateful everyday. If we can think of three points of gratitude it can make a positive impact in our lives. Having gratitude balances our heart, through creating peace within ourselves.  It releases us from conforming to society and the superficial values the world may dictate.

3 Points of Gratitude:

*My Family. From inside the womb to now.

Sam. My Rock.

*God. Most of all, I am grateful for God in my life everyday.

Others.. People at work who inspire me, Chocolate for saving me in times of need, Water for bringing me back to health, Shoes for getting me places, Smiles for getting me by, Music for my soul.

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