Daily Thoughts #10


Photo: http://www.houseofhumble.com/2011/10/flying-foxes/

The Last Day of Summer

When I came to Sydney, I discovered that there is a huge ancient tree in the bustling city I walk past everyday, that is home to a number of bats. They look so magical against the changing dark blue skies. It’s such a wonderful sight to see.

I watched a film recently called: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It’s interesting to see the real core of humanity. No hidden masks, no personas, no pretending. There are people who are careless, sinful, kind hearted, loving or lonely. It showed who really matters at the end of the day as well as expressing how we need to make the most of everyday, because you never know when you will die.

I believe the most important 5 things in this world consists of our loved ones (family, friends..), God, good health, happiness and love. If only we could remind ourselves every moment of our lives how precious time is and how we mustn’t waste time worrying, being upset or getting angry about things that won’t matter in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years. It’s hard to in a superficial, materialistic world where the media is talking about some famous persons rumour that may or may not have happened and in your head you are thinking what has the world come to.

That is why I love it so very much when I meet someone I can feel they are genuine. You can sense when a person is genuine when you know they are being completely true to themselves, kind hearted to others and completely self less. They don’t talk about other people or say things harshly. The words they speak are honest and true.

Remember this, your family and friends love and care for you is much more important than anything else.


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