Happy List


Photos by Christine Lee in Taipei, Taiwan

I am reminiscing moments from Taiwan and New Zealand. The sweetest moments to me usually consist of nature, people, quiet spaces, good food and laughter. It’s surreal to think I have been living in Australia for over a month now, and I can say that it is somewhere with endless exploration. I love that memories can be triggered by the taste of familiar food, the sound of a song or the smell of a flower. Everyday when you wake up, it’s so important to remind yourself that you have a purpose in your life, and that everyday is a gift. Our mind is a powerful tool, and as individuals we all have a choice to live our lives happily.


One of the hardest decisions is to leave somewhere and live in a country where you don’t have any family. The funny thing about life is how often we forget that we only have one life, one chance and choices that we can make to be happy. You are ultimately the leader of your happiness.

A list of things that make me happy :)

*Seeing family or friends in person – the feeling of warm fuzziness and lovely memories. The feeling that you get when you are around the people you love

*Listening to uplifting music-The way it makes your mood better, reminds you of certain memories and makes you want to dance and sing

*Helping someone through the kindness of your heart-Knowing that you would be grateful for someone doing the same to you. Being totally selfless and non judgmental

*Traveling to another country- The feeling of arriving in a different country, is like entering another world

*Hugs-because hugs are free and they feel so good

*A Smile-is contagious and a beautiful expression of joy, happiness, amusement and love

*Talking to people who go with the flow-who are easy to talk to and make even the silences feel pleasing

*Positive people, beautiful weather and hot chocolate

*Being completely selfless and remembering to be true to who you are. Be honest to yourself and be genuine

*Loving yourself and loving those around you


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