Aya Yamashita |The Artist


Art by Aya Yamashita.

Words by Katie Kuo.

First things first. Aya Yamashita is one of the loveliest person you will ever meet. When you talk to her you can’t help smiling because she radiates a beautiful smile and sends positive energy to other people. I first met Aya in 2013 in New Zealand. She is so wonderfully talented, vibrant and embraces her own quirky, unique and colourful style in art, fashion and photography.

Q&A with Aya

Favourite colour:  red since when I was a little girl.

Favourite drink: water or pomegranate juice.

Country of birth: japan! I dont consider my self a kiwi but not fully japanese… I’m an inbetweener

Languages: japanese, english would love to learn another french or italian.

Art inspiration: everyday life. walking, talking, eating, sleeping. Using all the senses (see, touch, hear, smell and taste). I get ideas from children a lot too. I learn by doing (making) and playing. Thinking comes second. I think this is my style.

   tumblr_mtvn3w3ZEd1ryv02vo1_400 (1)
A sneak peek preview of Aya’s book “Sense Pleasures”
Please click the link down below to check out more of her amazing work on her blog and instagram.


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