Tammy Kuo | Media Design


Photo by Liam Neal

Tammy Kuo is a Media Designer situated in Wellington, studying at Victoria University. She moved to New Zealand at a young age where two years later her little sister (me) was born in the land of the long white clouds. Tammy is someone I feel that has a remarkable and creative imagination. She is intelligent and talented not only in design but in sketching, painting and creative writing. The ability to create unique ideas comes naturally.

Q&A with Tammy

Favourite Colour: greens, blues, purples and deep red

Favourite Drink: red wine, chai latte and ice chocolate

Country of birth: taiwan

Languages: english and mandarin

Design Inspiration: life, adventures, encounters with people


the dreamcatcher was inspired by the idea of what a dream catcher does – takes away your nightmares” – Tammy Kuo

Virtual Firesparks

virtual firesparks was a creative coding experiment” – Tammy Kuo


All work credited to Tammy Kuo

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