winter in taipei

Taipei Skyline from Elephant Mountain

I prefer to say Eye Dessert, because candy never really tickled my fancy.I’m more of a chocolate person.  Winter in Taipei is shiver me timbers cold. It’s cold and freezes your nose quicker than Auckland. There are odd days where the sun comes out and you feel a sweat coming on. I like that everywhere I go, there is a bakery store lurking around a corner with tasty treats or a starbucks filled with people under the fairy lights. It gives a feeling of festivity, even though in Taiwan, people do not rest on Christmas Day. Most people on the streets wear Over sized Scarves, Coats, Boots and Beanies. You are sure to see a lady holding a Louis Vuitton bag at any stage, wondering whether it’s real or not.

There is a lot of bike riding around and motorcycles everywhere. It’s often overwhelming at first, especially when you come from such a relaxed city. I am so used to sitting beside the fire place and having a cup of warm chocolate back in the country side in Auckland. However, winter in Taipei is filled with things to warm your stomach and satisfy your tummy’s needs. It’s filled with friendly people who are willing to help. It’s filled with street fashion full of maximum layers and gazing while you people watch. Although the sky is grey, there is so much to do and so much to see.


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