Daily Thoughts #8

My lucky number is 8. I like the way it looks like an infinity sign and the way it symbolises open possibilities, trust and endless love. It’s exactly one week until I make my way to Taiwan and Australia. I’m starting to feel the slight butterflies and fluttery feelings inside my stummy (stomach/tummy). It’s a beautiful New Zealand day, although the weather is deceiving I will miss the beautiful blue skies and long white clouds. I’ll  miss the sound of rain on my umbrella and the wind that blows my hair like a hair dryer. I’ll miss the sunshine on the beach and the warmth of the sand between my toes. Most of all I will miss my family and wonderful friends I have made in the 18 years of my life in Aotearoa. My auto correct spelling tells me that Aotearoa should be Tearoom, but it is actually a Maori word which means: Land of the Long white clouds.

I feel so happy for all the people I have met and made friendships with. I think everyone goes through stages and moments in their lives where they feel they shouldn’t of done or said something. It’s completely true that what we think affects our actions and emotions. Our mind is such a powerful tool and that is why anything we dream can become a reality through the way we think and apply our thoughts into action. In the year 2014 I have changed a lot in so many ways that I can’t count it on my fingers (or toes). After being baptised on April 6 2014, my life has felt different in so many ways. More and more I think less about the bad things that have happened in my past and just staying more focused on now and the good things in life.

I’m extremely excited for the next chapter of my life. Who knows what will happen? Life is an adventure and a journey, which throughout there are many lessons to learn from our mistakes and experiences. There are many people to meet at different stages of our lives. Challenges and Barriers to conquer. Someone to fall madly in love with. Finding ourselves and discovering more about the world. Seeing the true beauty in life and learning to have an individual but open mind. There are changes we will have over time and places we will see. Every person is capable in turning a dream into a reality.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
―Dr. Seuss

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