What is happiness? Happiness is not a thing, but a feeling from our heart. When I read my daily devotion yesterday morning, it really opened up my eyes about what is really true happiness. In the bible it says “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith” (Galatians 5:22). What a beautiful verse. We often forget how deeply and wonderfully loved we are. We search for personal satisfaction in our lives through things, but the truest happiness is through God’s love.


When we aren’t happy in our lives, it is for one reason: We are ignoring the Word of God. Our happiness as people is not dependent on our situation or other people. Happiness is Joyfulness, which God wants to radiate upon us. Our happiness and joy is like fire. Burning energy. When there is no energy, it runs out. Similarly when we ignore God’s word, our joy is short lived.

Very often we are happy based upon our situation, such as when things are going smoothly during the day. That’s always great, because I know I feel happy when I can tick off all the things on my to-do list. However, our happiness should not be dependent on the good things happening to us. This may sound strange because it’s always a great feeling when good things happen, but happiness is not a thing. Otherwise, those who have the best cars, best houses, best careers and have the best things will be the happiest in the world. I stared out of the window yesterday and there was a beautiful rainbow of God’s glory. It really reminded me how after a storm there will always be sunshine.


In the case of the 21st century, our society is faulted in two extreme ways. People are often quick to judge on appearance, words and actions, but when people are dying or suffering, there is a dramatic and tragic atmosphere. An obvious example, is famous people. Happiness cannot be equated with money, fame, attention and most of all, things. It’s easy to get caught up in a materialistic society, and believe that buying something will make us happy. On a more dramatic note people suicide everyday, and very often people will ask the questions “What was going wrong? He seemed fine, his family are great, he has a great career, he had enough money to make a good living. Why did he kill himself?” God wants us to know that happiness doesn’t come from these things.

True happiness and joy is produced within us. It is produced within our hearts from the Word and Spirit of God. We have the choice to live our lives happily. It is a decision made by ourselves and should not be affected by anyone. People will often tell us what we need to change or how to do something. Remember that there will always be people who want us to change, people who are difficult and unpleasant, but it’s important to remind yourself that you are not like that. Stay true to who you are, and be as loving as you can to others.

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Your happiness is your responsibility. There will be times in your lives where you will feel terribly down, and don’t know how to pick yourself up. Remember to listen to God and know he is right there with you. Know that you can become stronger through the tough times and appreciate life more, through the smallest moments. Be grateful. Be generous. Be kind. Be loving. Remember happiness is a choice not a destination. Choose to be happy. :)



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