Don’t Forget How Lucky You Are

Daily Thoughts

We are so blessed. It is so often that we don’t recognise the smallest things are the things we should be grateful for. It’s simple to get upset about certain things. I watched a youtube clip today that really touched my heart. It was about a family in China, where the father worked all day tirelessly lifting logs to full up a truck with his bare hands. He earned 50 for a whole day. Which in Chinese dollars is barely enough, let alone for a family. The daughter is young and they cannot afford to take her to school for an education. The mother has a disability which only occurred after giving birth to her daughter. It was extremely emotional to watch the daughter, who is so brave, responsible and loving. She has to cook dinner before her mother and father come home, she washes their clothes and helps her mother wash her hair and give medicine. When asked by the interviewer, “If you only had one wish in the world, what would it be?”. She said “For my mother to be well again”.

There is so much love that she radiates to her father and mother, no matter how hurt she feels that she must take on the role to be her mother’s mother. It reminds us to be fortunate for what we have, and to not forget that family is the most important. It reminds us that love will always prevail and that we can do anything if we have love. Everyone is going through a journey in their lives, and it’s so important to remember that. It’s easy to get caught up in the smallest things, but when you do, think of someone who inspires you to smile and realise how grateful you are. Think about if this would affect you in any way, or will you ever remember this in 10 years time, 5 years, 3 months or a day.


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