Daily Thoughts #7


It’s the final week. Not a dramatic exclamation especially after eating a chocolate filled bun. It is however the final week of University for 2014. Every moment I keep thinking “this is the last lecture..last time I walk this path..last time I see these people”. I’m making myself feel like I am in a movie with a deep manly voice over saying “Now, Katie enters the room, knowing it is her last time she will ever experience listening to….”.

When I played in flute class today I couldn’t help but feel warm and relaxed, as if I was lying on the couch by a fire with hot chocolate, even though it’s Spring. However, today a few people pointed out my navy knitwear, with Autumn leaves on them. I guess dressing for the season is not always precise considering the weather and how many legs and non legs I saw today. I must confess I am one of the sort of people who rarely show my legs unless it is stifling hot. In this case New Zealand has four seasons in a day.

Another confession, is an obsession with bakeries. If I see a bakery, I will smell the sweet smells which invite me in. There is a Cake boutique in Auckland called La Couronne. They make such delicious sweets and savouries, that yesterday I couldn’t resist getting a Custard Bun, Taro Bun, Chocolate Swirl Bun, Chocolate-filled Bun and a Cheese, broccoli and ham roll. Auckland is a sweet place, which I suppose that’s why it’s nick-named “Big Little City”, because it’s more of a town. If you ever come to Auckland, don’t forget to stop by this bakery.

Recently, there was an article about how our society judges famous people for things that ‘normal’ people do as well. However, because they are famous we turn it into entertainment or dramatic news. It’s quite immoral when I think deeply about it. When we consider how many people make mistakes on a daily basis, it reminds us we are only human. When a celebrity passes away it is a sad period of time, and people will talk about it with more respect to the person, maybe. However, when it is a moment where a person may of snapped, the media will twist the story.

Nobody really knows what every person is going through. We live personal lives, that even if the media was to snap a shot, it would be seen on the surface. It brings me to my second statement that it is truly so easy for society to judge solely based on the surface of what is distributed to them. We often see something without having the entire story. That’s why it’s so important not to judge others when we don’t know their story. It’s important to love those around you.

“Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I’m not perfect
and I don’t live to be
but before you start pointing fingers…
make sure you hands are clean!”
― Bob Marley

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