Daily Thought #6

What a Wonderful World.

Those are the lovely words ringing in my head. As well as the song: Call me when you get this~ Corinne Bailey Rae.

The spring weather has been sweet. Almost as sweet as a watermelon smoothie with vanilla ice cream. New Zealand’s blue skies are one of the most beautiful blue skies I have ever seen. The park was shining with a glorious shine of green, and the daisy’s and flowers were scattered among the grass. I was so calm in all this lovely setting, I didn’t stumble on the cobble path and managed to avoid stepping on the ants homes on the footpath (Which I try to avoid consciously).

There is something about beautiful weather that just makes you feel like everyday is so wonderful and joyful. I think weather (and seasons) truly affects us emotionally and mentally. I walked around University with a shining warmth in my heart, and I wasn’t even listening to my ipod with Noone else like you~Adam Levine blasting in my ear drums.

I walked to the little food shop and picked up $2.70 sushi, bargain! You know it’s a good day when there is good food and music. I am staring at a big poster in my room which says the words: “Life is Beautiful”. It truly is. Days like these really remind me how much we need to appreciate every single day. The warmth of the sun, fresh air and breeze blowing gently in my hair.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



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