De-stress your life

When I was younger, I was asked very often from my classmates several times a day, Katie are you okay? This year I still get told, Katie you look stressed. Sometimes, I’m not. Sometimes, I am. I think when we aren’t conscious about our expressions, they show through our emotions. Over the years it has been so much better after a lot of positive thinking and motivation.

I find when we put a focus in our life, we feel a purpose in our lives. There is really no need to stress because when we are trying to strive for our goals, we realise that stress and worry truly stops us. It is literally like the brick wall that comes up and it’s harder to climb over more and more after time. It takes up the space in our mind, because our mind is truly our most powerful tool. It affects the way we feel and the actions we take.

Simple ways to de-stress your life is to take everything day by day. There is no point in worrying about something in 5 years time, because the future is unpredictable. Often things change in the last minute. Everyday when you wake up, always remind yourself of the purpose you have on this earth. It can be from the simplest things, such as making other people happier by smiling to them or saying hi. While you’re making breakfast, you could list the 5 things you are grateful for. Throughout the day try to focus your attention on being in the present moment. It’s very often that our thoughts trail off unnecessarily to things that press on our mind quite harshly. The What ifs? When? Why? Try let go of them by writing a list and tell yourself, realistically will I be worrying about this in a weeks time, in a months time, in a years time, in 10 years time?

I remember back then when I had a bad experience during the day it often stays in my mind even if just briefly or intently. Today I find it easier to shake off the negativity by telling myself just as long as I don’t do that and learn from the experience, because let’s face it in a days time, I’m going to forget about it. Don’t let a small thing make a whole day bad. Every day is so precious and beautiful. Every day is an opportunity and a new day full of possibilities.



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