Daily Thoughts #4

The thing about technology is that..sometimes you really wish you pressed the save button! After writing this post with all my deep thoughts and what not, the computer decided to freeze and do a little sneaky doze off. Every day is so different, from just the smallest things. They somehow all add up to what we call a day. Whether it’s trying a new food or meeting a new person. Yesterday was eating a taro bun for the first time and today was meeting a new person from a random act of kindness. It was raining heavily at Uni and so I asked if she would like to join me under my little umbrella. If we notice these small little things they can make us feel happier, rather than focusing on the insignificant details in a day that make us feel negative. For example if someone is rude to you, it’s most likely their just having a bad day. I usually don’t take anything personally unless I know I have done something.

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Sometimes I wonder if I would be a different person if I decided to become an Artist, Fashion Designer, Singer, Zoologist or Jazz Pianist. I think in some sense I would be different because of a different career path, but at the end of the day our personalities aren’t defined because of what job we have. Everyone is so wonderfully different. In 2014 I have been slightly obsessed with Alexa Chung and Pia Mia. Actually slightly obsessed is an understatement. I love Alexa Chung’s quirky humour and unique fashion sense. I love Pia Mia’s funky music and fashion style. Funky is probably a strange word to use, but she basically gets me into the groove.



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It’s coming to the last few weeks of the Semester. I can’t wait till the holidays where there will be days of doing not much and days of being outside all the time. The days of practicing when ever you like, rather than between classes. It sounds crazy, but for musicians it’s almost a rare thing to be able to see a whole day outside, when we have to spend many hours indoors practicing. I can’t wait till the days of not having to always eat my own cooking (Sorry to my self) and enjoying the sunshine. I can’t wait to feel that feeling of when you have spent a year studying and now you are ready to enjoy free time of more exploring, discovering and creating creative things. Don’t get me wrong, I love (was I about to say studying..) practicing music, but practicing the same pieces for a year can make it feel great when you’ve accomplished being able to play it by memory, with all the expression your can give and so on, sure. However Β after such a while, I feel the breaking free action of discovering new music and repertoire. Listening to different kinds of music and doing things unrelated to music, which does happen occasionally.

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I have probably eaten a tonne of Oats this year, which might not be an exaggeration. I have probably eaten a castle made out of cereal boxes amount of cereal. That’s not an exaggeration either. It’s so easy to get addicted to one certain type of food when you cook for yourself. Β I’ll finish with these chocolates, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate? :)



2 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts #4

  1. Katie, thanks for the comment! I get what you’re saying. What you do for a living isn’t everything and you can always explore all of your passions at the same time – it might actually inspire you in your professional and personal life more than you would expect. And I love Alexa too. <3

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