What is success to you? Is it the feeling of accomplishment? Is it when you have completed your goals? Is it the feeling of being content in your life? When I was a young girl I use to ask myself this question often. What was success? Why are we, as human beings so driven for success. Success cannot be weighed by money, fortune, fame or any desires the media may express as success. It is something so personal and individual that it cannot be compared. Success is feeling happy. Genuinely happy. It is our satisfaction in our lives that we know we have done everything we can to the best of our abilities. It is knowing that once you have hit the highest limit, there is always space to keep going and doing your best, to keep living.

At least, that is what success is to me.

As a music student, it is an everyday habit to practice and improve yesterdays work. The goal is to keep improving and playing it as musically as you possibly can. To tell a story from the bottom of your heart and share it to others. To be able to play the technical parts with ease and to play the music with your heart. There are good days and bad days. The bad days consist of practicing for an hour and then my mind drifts away to space. The good days are when I get lost in practice and the number of hours. Most days are good days, but there is still a sense of finding motivation. I’m sure many of you have asked yourself the question, what is my purpose? Why am I putting in all these hours of study/practice? I suppose when I think about at the end of the day, I chose to do this because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.

It is easier to work hard at something we enjoy, because.. even if it takes a lot of work, you know that all of it will be worth it in the end. I thin we lose ourselves if we take the time to compare ourselves constantly. It puts us down and doesn’t let us continuing walking on the path to our destination.

In life there are many phases of our lives. We can go through a rough patch, then stumble across a wonderful period of time and other times everything can feel like it isn’t going anywhere. There are daily things we are use to doing, for example. waking up, brushing teeth, getting changed.. We don’t need to be told to do it and it doesn’t take very much motivation because it has become a habit. Our mind doesn’t take a second to think, and in a sense I think reaching for success is making your passion a habit. It’s so natural and flowing that you don’t need to second guess. It’s being determined, focused and motivated. It’s helping other people to succeed and feeling like you have succeeded yourself. It’s hard work and takes time. It’s the journey not a destination.

Small bricks build a sturdy path.

What is success to you?

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