What is Beautiful?

What is beautiful? It’s so individually perceived (even though the media tells us differently). Google  says beautiful is :

pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

I think beauty is being unique and one of a kind. It’s embracing yourself and staying true to yourself. Beauty is having kindness and shedding positive light into the world. It’s making a positive difference. Beauty is Nature.


I remember when I was younger I went through a stage where I was teased for being Asian. Especially coming from a country side school where the population of Asians’s are not as large. Apparently all Asians had small eyes and the way people told me that made it sound so negative. It makes me sad that it is true that many Asians want to achieve bigger looking eyes. To me, I think Small eyes are beautiful.




There are so many people from Asian who are getting surgery for double eyelids or bigger eyes in general to look “beautiful”.  In the end it’s everyone’s own decision. Personally I feel like everyone is so special in their own way that I often find when people go to extremes of surgery there must be an influence from society, media or people in general.

I remember being extremely conscious of my teeth, because they are not what I liked to call beautiful. They weren’t perfectly straight or pearly white. But who is to say that doesn’t mean they are beautiful? Why must beauty be defined by society in a way that distorts the true nature of beauty.



We live in a society that is obsessed with images and marketing. The media has the ability to influence at a rapid and huge rate. From any influences of the way we should look. With one type of body type that is massively distributed in our every day lives eg. Posters, Billboards, Magazines.. We are told what is beautiful, with the photo shopped photos and words labeled with “Perfection has never been so simple” or ” A better way to glow”. As I scroll through different makeup ads, it is sad too see how often the word “perfect” is used. There is the connection that if you wear this product then you will look “perfect” and “beautiful”.

True beauty is more than the skin, it goes so much deeper. It is easy especially in our generation for people to see other people from what they look like and assume who they are. I think what is beautiful? comes from every persons perspective. It cannot be defined by the media, no matter how much the media will continue to do so.



Look beneath the surface


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