Daily Thoughts #2

That feeling of when you are sitting at the international arrivals at the airport. It’s the loveliest feeling and everyone’s eyes stare at the next person to walk in. It’s like a “Love Actually” moment. I took the airbus to the airport yesterday to wait for my loved one. It always feels so wonderful and happy when you finally see them in person. On the way back we sat on the bus with the bus driver’s music on high volume. It was a mixture of 70’s and a lot of guitar strumming action.


When you are young, adults will usually tell you that you are too young to understand love. The irony is that children are mostly very loving, especially towards their family. We hold our parents hands ever so tightly, or hug them and kiss them. Back in my days (Back in my days tend to make me sound older than I am) everyone talked to everyone. I guess because of that, when we’re young a small crush can already “feel like love”, until we realise it was because of a small thing eg. He waited for you after class. As soon as we were older, everyone distinguishes themselves into different groups.


Today, I went and watched the film Lucy. It was interesting, intriguing, thrilling and confusing. It explains how the human body only uses 10% of the brain. I remember going to an awards night and a past medicine student at the University of Auckland stood up and said a speech. He is now a doctor, and told us that the human brain is capable of knowing every single thing on this earth. This really amazed me, because when I think about my brain I generally think it is significantly mostly made up of water and the idea of remembering every single thing we have ever learned or seen seems overwhelming. The thing with impossible is that anything is possible though, right?


The weather is cooling down and there is 2 days left of winter. Looks like winter wants to stay for a while longer. What I learned today is that life is a matter of time. Without time, there is no living. Which sounds very confusing, however when I think about it, everything involves time. Our lives are divided by time, the past, the present and the future. Altogether it creates one journey.


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