A Dose of Random

It’s been one of those days where everything is happening spontaneously. Have you ever had those days where you can’t remember what you did before 12:00 pm? I feel like the morning seems so terribly far away. I was only just at Uni and rehearsing with my pianist, who may I add is just the loveliest person and I discovered she has two pet Siamese cats. This afternoon I arrived home planning to do some practice exams and look up some studying things. I ended up going out with my flatmate and getting Ice cream at the Asian supermarket for 90 cents. Mine had Korean writing on it and I didn’t really know what I was eating. It was cookies and cream. The outer later was completely white and a chocolate layer in the inside then cookies and cream. We sat in the warm sun with the blue skies over us and a bird making a beautiful sound in the background.

What solid waffle cones

After sitting around for a while and chatting she asked if we wanted another ice cream. This meant studying turned into soggy waffle cones. Which is always a sign you should study first! My second ice cream was $1.70 and as soon as I bit into it I knew I was doomed in having a bad ice cream. However, this didn’t mean a bad day. I unfolded the waffle cone and ate the inside. It is a week until Mid semester break and I can feel the eagerness to get to that break.


Everyday for a several hours I am in a closed room (not good for claustrophobic people) practicing. It’s very different to growing up practicing flute on the farm with the beautiful birds in the background chirping away and playing outside. The city is a different place in so many ways. Good and Bad. There are mornings I wake up and just want to walk into portal which goes to another world. Going to Neverland or Wonderand and pretending to be a cartoon character or having magical powers. Although I don’t do that in  “real” life, it would be a nice different day.


When I was younger I use to listen to songs like I was eating chocolate. One was not enough, and then I would end up listening to as many albums I could. I use to hum and sing quietly to myself until I fell asleep. Music is such a wonderful thing. I have watched quite a few Hayao Miyazaki’s films from Studio Ghibli. He has the most amazing imagination, which reminds us all to explore our inner childness and imagination. A couple of my favourites are: Ponyo, Howls Moving Castle, Kiki’s delivery service, Totoro, Castle in the sky, Spirited away and Porco Rosso.




It’s amazing where our imagination can take us, yet as human beings we often live in other people’s way of thinking. Everyone is wonderfully unique and full of so many new ideas to share in this world. I remember when I was a young girl I was so convinced that flying horses existed and somehow to a small child it is so real, but once we are older there are many things we are told not to believe. It’s a lovely day today with not a cloud in the sky.



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