The Meaning of Life

When I was younger I use to think about what I wanted to be when I was older. When we are younger we usually don’t think about anything in a very complex way. I told myself I would be either an artist, vet, zoologist or concert pianist. I went for a 3 hour walk this morning and ended up coming home with 3 litres of pink milk (strawberry) and 2 packets of salmon. When we talk about a day feeling so fast or terribly slow, that’s the moment when I tell myself, no matter what, time is always ticking away. It seems we are always trying to find a way to use time wisely or do everything before time runs out. I know that if you are like me, there are so many days it feels like I’m not doing as much as I could. I feel like I could of saved so many days, weeks, months.. on doing something else.

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That’s the good ol’ thing about life is that every second is so precious. The other night I was talking to some ladies, as we were having a “Ladies night”. Now my stomach was full of hot chocolate and marshmallows, we began to talk about the meaning of life. Sounds deep huh? It was. It got me thinking as we discussed about this for a good 2-3 hours. When we talk about “What is the purpose of my life”, we seem to be looking towards the purpose, rather than questioning whether the purpose of our life is the one we are living right this instant.

It takes a lot to get my head around this and the idea of “the meaning of life”. I truly think that every person is here on Earth for a purpose and every person is destined and capable of accomplishing something great. Now that I am at University I can really feel the repetition of every day. The weekdays can often sink into feeling the same and then I need to tell myself STOP! As soon as bad thoughts try to linger in, I have to remind myself what I am here for.

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The funny thing is when I remind myself, it leads to the future once again. You’re here Katie because…and when you are older you can…I remember reading an article about how the future is now. It is the present because every second that goes by ends up being the past and every second that is approaching is the future. It shows that it is just the movement of life going to one to the other. It is the time to allow us to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

Today’s society is brought closer than ever through technology and other resources (eg .convenience of travel), yet there is still a huge sense of detachment. I feel this when I am just walking on the street and strangers seem to walk by as if they don’t see the people around them. I remember growing up in a small town and people would greet and smile at each other quite often. When I watch movies I can really feel that detachment as people we are so absorbed into the other worlds of media, societies expectations and so on that there is often no originality as individuals and acceptance of other people.

The past few days I have discussed with a friend about how more and more people we know are dying or passing away. We could definitely feel that. It is true that everyday people are dying that often as humans we forget this, and live a life that is not as fulfilled or appreciated. I feel guilty to this at times, and it is easy to be absorbed into a materialistic world. I wish that there was more compassion, love and understanding in the world. I believe it is out there, but the people who spread this are often not recognized for what they are doing.

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I think the meaning of life is to spread love, happiness, hope and empathy. It is to comfort people when they need it, to laugh with others and to feel happy and content. I believe it is a journey with God, and also in discovering more about ourselves. It is to make the world a better place.

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