Daily Thoughts

If it wasn’t for watching “Howl’s Moving Castle” this afternoon and having a Lazy afternoon because of my Lady thing coming to town (Code: Period), I would not be as super appreciative of being young. When we are a child, we don’t realise the thought of being an adult. We are in our youth, and by the time we are teenager (well at least I felt this way) we realise that childhood is something we will only experience once in a lifetime. Which goes for every age, 18, 19, 20..100. A little daunting but at the same time it is like a reminder to just live in the moment. I still find this difficult at times where I’m eating delicious chocolate biscuits and my mind is on something else.


There are many things people tend to not talk about on a casual basis. I’m quite an intense thinker and think very deeply about certain things. Sometimes it’s good and other times it’s not so good. When I was in college, I use to be quite anxious. When I sat in Maths sometimes I could feel my self shaking even if others could not see. It is such an internal thing and often you don’t know why you feel this way. I just remembered because sometimes (such as today) I forget to breathe. I was sitting in my tutorial and felt my throat drying up and my body was stiff and begging me for oxygen. I swallowed quickly. It just made me think how everyone so different and so special in their own way, and we need to breathe in every moment.


I recently read an article about introverted people. It caught my attention because I consider myself more introverted compared to extroverted. The interesting thing is I know most people who are “introverted” aren’t really really introverted. To me, introverted is not being within yourself, as if contained. I think it is just the feeling of not minding to be alone for longer periods of time. For example some of my favourite places to be completely alone are: Library, Park, Street walking

 My view of being a more “shy” person is that I know myself that I am not actually very shy, but in front of people I am not very close to I can be more introverted. But in front of people I am closer with I feel this release to be able to be completely myself. I think through my experiences and everything I have been through, it sort of is normal for me not to show all of myself to every person I meet. I think everyone has strange, wonderful and interesting characteristics that can only be discovered through more conversation and interaction. In a way everyone hides something they choose not to show others. I suppose that is what I’m trying to express is that I am quite a curious and random person and I do love to talk, and funnily enough not many people know this until they get to know me more.


Labeling. In society today, we label so much more. Pretty. Tall. Kind. Short. Ugly. It can be just a simple compliment but other times it can be a sense of defining a person through our eyes through the exterior. I remember in primary, college and occasionally at Uni people will say “Katie, you are so nice!” “You are such a happy person” My first reaction is “..Oh! Thank you”. But inside I often think, I’m not nice or happy all the time! And how lovely it is to be nice, but we are all human and we cannot live for a label. Everyone will have a time they are upset, angry, happy and so on. Don’t stop the positive compliments but in a sense when we say someone is this. We are judging and labeling them. The most important thing however is to, not care what others think and know that you know yourself the most. No one can define you. Only you can!


The Change through child-teenager-adult feels so incredibly quick. I feel as if yesterday I was still the child with so much innocence and always felt like I could see thing adults weren’t aware of. Then the next moment I’m a teenager struggling with all my bodily/emotional changes. Personality wise, everyone goes through the change too. Experience. People. Environment. And more…


When you walk on the street and watch-really watch- people walking by. It is often hard to think that everyone has their very own stories to tell. What experiences have they been through? What got them to today? Where are they walking to?

Friends. When we are younger we are more open to being friends with other children. I feel a significant change of being a child and being an adult. Children are so non-judgmental in many ways compared to adults. They believe almost everything because of the sense of trust and lack of doubt. When they learn new things they are so interested and small achievements are reacted with so much happiness. If only every day we can live with still even just  a sprinkle of our inner childness.


Goals. Every morning that I wake up, I am waking up to try accomplish the goals in that day. Every person in a way has their own goals big or small in a day to tick off the checklist. It’s a motivational thing that we don’t really think about. Why do I get out of bed in the morning? I need to go to University, I want to have a good education etc.. and so on. Every person is on Earth for a purpose.


Days may feel the same or they can feel exciting and adventurous. Each day is part of the story of our life. It makes up every single chapter which is the creation of our whole journey. It is continous until the day we die.


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